Supercharged everyday fruit leads to a breakthrough in superfood research

What started as a PhD thesis for the University of Newcastle, where Dr Vincent Candrawinata (Dr Vincent) was manipulating water molecules to extract phenolic antioxidants from apples without any of the usual chemical solvents, has now developed into a company, brand and all-Australian world first product. Renovatio means new life in Latin, and this is exactly what Dr Vincent aims to give to people, using his completely natural and ground-breaking method of antioxidant extraction technology. For the first time in 80 years, there is a way to extract and activate ‘phenolic’ antioxidants within apples, to produce the world’s most potent dietary antioxidant. “Before my discovery, nobody in the world could extract and activate these compounds without the use of chemical solvents like methanol, ethanol and acetone. The body does not produce these chemicals naturally but these harsh solvents are what the industry uses to extract and measure a food’s antioxidant content,” Dr Vincent said today. “The use of chemical solvents for extraction comes with many concerns, which is why the process I have developed is a natural, water-based process. This is very important as it means people can consume a product which has been created without any chemicals what so ever. “As far as antioxidants go, phenolic antioxidants are like the holy grail of dietary antioxidants – in that they are the most potent ones. “Phenolic antioxidants are ultra antioxidants that move through the body mopping up and clearing out cell damaging and mutating free radicals. They are like ‘super hero’, ‘super strength’ versions of normal antioxidants with awesome powers. “I selected Apples to extract the phenolics from because they contain the highest concentration of phenolic antioxidants across the 1,755 edible fruit. “Growing up you are always told ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, and there is truth in that. The phenolic antioxidants in apples do fantastic things for the human body like protecting us from inflammation and cell mutations. The world-wide research that shows cell mutations are a leading cause of cancer and other serious degenerative diseases was a major inspiration for me in developing a safe form of phenolic antioxidants. “The Activated Phenolics Powder that I have developed is the most potent dietary antioxidant available. It is entirely natural, 100% Australian made and derived from only quality Australian produce. It promotes vitality, energy and wellbeing.

Overview of Dr Vincent Candrawinata
At just 27 years of age, Dr Vincent Candrawinata (Dr Vincent) is considered one of the world’s leading research scientists and inventors in dietary antioxidant nutrition. He is responsible for pioneering the development of a world-first technology to extract and activate ultra antioxidants from food sources in a way that is compatible with the human body. He founded the company Renovatio Bioscience (Renovatio) to translate the breakthrough into a range of consumer products with the aim of sharing the health and wellbeing benefits of his activated phenolic antioxidants across the world.
Highly educated, Dr Vincent has four degrees – Bachelor of Food Science, Bachelor of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons) and a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition. All four degrees, including his PhD, were awarded to him before the age of 25. He is one of the youngest people in the world to hold a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition. Dr Vincent was named one of the 25 High Achieving Graduates in the history of the University of Newcastle. Dr Vincent has been recognised by the Australian Government as an Individual with a Distinguished Talent in Research and Academia – similar to the recognition the Australian Government gave to Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple).
In Latin, Renovatio means New Life and Dr Vincent named his company this in order to help give people new lives, by becoming healthier and happier. This has translated into Renovatio’s core values and philosophy.
In 2010, Dr Vincent led a joint research team from the University of Newcastle and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries. During this research, he came across a group of compounds called phenolic antioxidants.
International research has demonstrated that because phenolic antioxidants work at the cellular level, they have a great deal of potential to promote general human health, reduce inflammation as well as prevent and assist the recovery from degenerative diseases such as cancers, heart disease and pulmonary disease.
Invigorate ‘We are PR’
Recognising the need to develop a safe method of activation that would enable these antioxidants to be extracted without chemical processes, Dr Vincent set about inventing the technology to enable this breakthrough. Once achieved, Dr Vincent assembled a team of experts to assist him to commercialise the results making them available worldwide. Consequently, Renovatio was born, production processes established and the range of ‘Activated Phenolics’ ultra antioxidant products were launched.
Renovatio commenced sale of the ground-breaking ultra antioxidants ‘Activated Phenolics’ in May 2016. Since launching the innovative product line, Renovatio has seen many repeat orders after customers trying the product in either its powder or tablet form observed significant benefits including noticeable improvements in their overall health.
About Phenolic Antioxidants
This antioxidant is the first to harness the power of activated phenolics, a new breed of ‘ultra’ antioxidants that surpass others in their ability to mop up and safely transport free radicals out of the body. They are the most potent dietary antioxidants available.
Phenolics are found in high concentration in apples and activated phenolics are a powerful natural preservative. Specific to apples, phenolics are responsible for protecting the fruit from degradation from ultra-violet light and disease. They perform a similar role in humans, protecting our cells against damage which lead to ageing, inflammation and cell mutations.
Apples were selected by Dr Vincent because they contain the broadest spectrum and highest concentrations of phenolic antioxidants across the world’s 1,755 edible fruits.
Scientists have been studying the health benefits of phenolic antioxidants for more than 50 years but Dr Vincent was the first to determine exactly how to extract them naturally from food sources in a way that is compatible with the human body.
Before Dr Vincent’s discovery, nobody worldwide could extract and activate the compounds without the use of chemical solvents. Dr Vincent was the first in the world to invent the technology to extract and activate these compounds to make them bioavailable in the body using only water. The result being an entirely new compound that was not previously available, but one that has tremendous potential for human health.
The source as well as the extraction and activation of these antioxidants are free from chemical solvents and synthetic materials. This results in the phenolic antioxidants which are water soluble and compatible with human biological system. Antioxidants are typically made synthetically or extracted from natural food using chemicals such as methanol or ethanol, requiring these same chemicals to break them down.
However, the human body does not produce these chemicals naturally. The body uses water, so having a new antioxidant that is extracted and activated using water and therefore water soluble is a huge breakthrough. This is naturally compatible with the human body.

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