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As of press time, the issue of “reconciliation” between PCC and APCO that was agreed to be arranged by Consul Marford Angeles of the Philippine Consulate has not materialised.
Outgoing Consul Angeles originally set the meeting in his office last 19th November only between Serna Ladia and Pet Storey, PCC and APCO presidents respectively; but he had to cancel it because “something came up.”
To clarify what happens now since the meeting tentatively rescheduled on 29th November did not push through as we found out from the Consulate’s Cultural Officer Rachel Calisin, we sent a follow up email clarifying Consul Angeles’ position to which he texted back and reprinted here in full:
“Thanks as I only got now by email Marz’ message and request for clarification. I am currently waiting for word from Manila if I am to be extended instead of departing this Thursday (30th November 2017). So it’s a bit of a nail-biting time for me, on my birthday, which also happens to be the day I need to pack my things given that I need to move out of my apartment on the 29th. But you’re right, there needs to be closure. Will see if I can set a meeting for the 29th. If I am to go, Manny (new Consul Manny Guzman) should be able to take over the matter with you guys. Salamat for the heads up.”

In the meantime, the October issue banner news (UNIFICATION RECONCILES PCC & APCO) along with its matching editorial (PCC AND APCO RECONCILE AT LONG LAST) had launched a volley of complaints from both camps.
The first email “personal” response came from PCC President Serna Ladia dated Nov. 11.
Soon to follow was, the official press release sent by APCO dated 20th November sent to all channels and signed by its President Pat Storey.
Not to be left behind, PCC eventually issued a media release entitled “PCC NSW Statement on Unification” last 21st November citing Ms. Ladia as contact person for further information. .
Criticisms are manifold --met with widespread acclaim and praise by some, but drew enormous negative attention from both camps which has been duly responded to by this writer in an editorialised opinion. (See page 2)
As we go to the press, we gathered that PCC and APCO are consolidating its forces and conducting internal meetings.
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