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Now in its 22nd year, the Blacktown City Art Prize is a highly valued art prize, with cash prizes of $20,000 and acquisitive awards.

Artists are invited to submit entries in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media.

The winner of the Blacktown City Art Prize receives $15,000.
Three supporting prizes will be awarded:
Aboriginal Artist Prize ($2,000)
Local Artist Prize ($2,000)
People’s Choice Prize ($1,000).

Entries close Tuesday, 10 October 2017.

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Sydney-based community associations, NARRA Co-op Ltd and Plaza Filipino Inc, makes history next month by launching the first ever community hub in Campbelltown City dedicated to promoting and showcasing Filipino art, culture and innovation.

The Philippine-Australian Arts, Culture and Innovation Central - or "ACI Central" for short - will be opened to the general public as a performance space, art gallery and networking hub.

It will aim to highlight the unique heritage of Filipinos as demonstrated by their art, music, literature and cultural traditions.

"ACI Central is a dream come true for all NARRA Co-op and Plaza Filipino officers, members and supporters who have worked hard to raise the necessary funds," said Dr Jimmy Lopez, NARRA president and founding president of Plaza Filipino.

Lopez said that ACI Central will provide a platform for up-and-coming and established Filipino-Australian artists, musicians and writers looking for a space to showcase their work.

"We will continue to do fundraising events so that our local artists and performers can use our performance space/art gallery at a heavily subsidised cost or for free. Ultimately, we hope to get government grants and sponsorships so we can help our local talents grow and hone their craft at ACI Central," he added.

In keeping with the times, ACI Central is also an "innovation" hub, providing a space for Filipino-Australian technology start-ups and small business entrepreneurs to meet and network.

"Besides music and arts, we believe another way to build a bridge between the present generation and future generation of Filipino-Australians is through technology and business innovations - it's another way ACI Central can be of service to the community," said Michelle Baltazar, president of Plaza Filipino.

The property is on the ground floor of a mixed residential and commercial building on 3-9 Warby Street in Campbelltown. The performance space/art gallery accommodates up to 70 guests at any one time and there are two workspaces available for lease once it is fully operational.

Founded in 2013, the National Affiliation of Respectable and Responsible Associations (NARRA) Co-operative Ltd was formed to appeal to Filipino-Australians who wanted to raise funds to build a community centre under a co-op structure. Through its successful fundraising events such as the Ambassador of the Year and the annual Tribute to Mothers and Fathers, as well as its membership drive, NARRA raised more than $104,000.
Meanwhile, community association Plaza Filipino, which was founded 10 years earlier (2003), also had funds of approximately $30,000 and shared the common goal of building a community centre.
Early this year, both associations discussed ways to realise their mutual objective and, after exploring several other options, decided to purchase the ACI Central property for $207,900 plus costs, with Plaza Filipino as the naming rights donor of $30,000.
"By purchasing a modestly sized property and joining forces with Plaza Filipino, we were able to save our members tens of thousands of dollars in interest costs," said Lopez.
To date, Lopez said that they only need to fundraise at least $100,000 within the next 12 months and the property will be fully-paid.
"We've already had pledges from new members of at least $10,000, which means we're that much closer to reaching our target," he said.
Daisy Ann Gonzalez Cumming and Manny Roux, both past presidents of Plaza Filipino, were among the group of association members who inspected the new 'ACI Central' premises early in July. They suggested a fundraising and membership drive at the August 6 opening for the outstanding payment of the property.
"This is a legacy we can all be proud of. A platform for our present and new crop of talented artists, musicians, writers and innovators to shine," said Cumming.
Besides Lopez, Roux and Cumming, past presidents of Plaza Filipino who have been part of the fundraising campaign since 2003 were Violeta Miguel, Rey Morcilla, Rise Roux and Elizabeth Escandor.
At NARRA, among the major individual fundraisers in the past three years include Brenda De La Sala, Ester Arador, Carmenchu Gresham, Rey Morcilla and Dr. Raul Amor.
For more information on the new culture, arts and innovation hub, contact Albert Prias, Public Relations Officer on 0402 533 587 or Jimmy Lopez, NARRA President, on 0478 540 889.

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