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Today one in four in Australia is born overseas. Australia is the new ‘land of dreams’. Where before the migrants were mostly from Europe, there is a shift towards parts of Asia to fill the gaps in the skilled workforce. India and China are the top migrant source countries.


Reasons for coming to the new ‘land of dreams’ are varied. Better job opportunities, education, political stability, safety, social welfare are among the factors that attract migrants to the country.


Australian Migration for 2014- 2015 remain 190,000 places of which 128, 550 places are allocated to skilled migrants including employer sponsored, general skilled and business migrants; 60, 885 places for family migrants sponsored by family members; 565 places for special eligibility migrants who have maintained close business, cultural or personal ties with Australia.


The migration program benefit Australia economically addressing shortages in workforce and socially through families reunification.


Overall size of the migration program is determined after extensive consultation with the community and stakeholders. Though the size remains the same as in previous years, changes are within each stream: employer sponsored category have increased while skilled independent are reduced so as not to compete with Australian job seekers.


Report from the Immigration Department Migration Trends shows that for 2012-2013, visitors were 44, 800; students

10, 720.


The top 5 highest overstaying in 2013 by country of origin details are as follows:


China – 12.3% - 7690

Malaysia – 10.2% - 6420

US - 8.3% - 5220

Britain – 6% - 3780

India – 5.5% - 3420


There are 62,100 unaccounted in 2014 which is 1.2 per cent of the 5.5 million people who enter the country on temporary visas.


Newly sworn in Minister for Migration and Border Protection Peter Dutton in his face vowed to crack down illegal bikie gang members as one of his priorities and quote:


“If you’re an illegal bikie, if you’re part of an outlaw motorcycle gang involved in organized criminal activity, you’ve made it to the top of my list”.


Minister Dutton added, “Coming to Australia is a privilege and if you’re coming here to harming Australians, ripping off our welfare system, committing serious crimes, then you’re top of my list for deporting”.


Why an increase in overstaying? The reason is more people than ever are coming to Australia.


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