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ANZAC Commemorates 100 Years


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ANZAC which stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps marks its 100 years on 25 April 2015. It also commemorates the Australian and New Zealand forces landing on Gallipoli peninsula Turkey.

The Gallipoli campaign failed in its military operation, ANZAC is remembered as a powerful legacy for both Australia and New Zealand. More than 8000 Australian soldiers died and this is remembered as the day of those who sacrificed their lives in this war.


ANZAC Day was first celebrated in 1916 and established as a national day of commemoration in 1920 for the 60,000 Australians who died in the war.


For those who died in the second war ANZAC Day also served to commemorate those who died and now broadened to cover in all military operations.


Today ANZAC is a reflection of the different meanings of war


It is interesting to note that the Australian Government had 1 Corp for Leyte and Luzon but these were not used to liberate the islands from the Japanese occupation.


The Dawn service observed on ANZAC Day has military routine origin .which is still followed .Today Dawn Service includes the presence of a chaplain.


The laying of a wreath at the Sydney cenotaph is said to have begun in 1927 when an elderly woman laid flowers at the unfinished cenotaph joined by a group of returned men. Then it was repeated in 1928 when 150 people gathered at the cenotaph wreath laying and two minutes of silence.


ANZAC parades are held today and participation are by accredited members of the Returned Service Leagues.


As we commemorate the 100 years of ANZAC let us reflect on those who sacrificed their lives in all wars for peace and freedom and salute the brave men and women.


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