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The Financial Information Service helps you make informed decisions about investment and financial issues for your current and future needs.

We can help you:

increase your confidence in dealing with financial issues related to investment
understand your own financial affairs
understand your options
be discerning when choosing experts and know how to use expert information
use credit in a sensible way
increase your savings and plan for the future
plan effectively for your retirement
understand the financial implications when you, or someone close to you, is considering moving into residential care
We can explain:

the levels of risk of each financial product type
the roles of financial industry professionals
the advantages of reducing personal debt
how you can maximise your overall retirement income

You are welcome to bring someone else with you when you visit a Financial Information Service officer; for example, a relative, friend, carer or financial planner.

You can also arrange for someone else to speak with the Financial Information Service officer for you. To safeguard your privacy, you will need to sign an authority allowing them to do this.

If you prefer to use a language other than English, they can also arrange for an interpreter.

Financial Information Service officers provide information on financial matters.

You can get this information:

at financial information seminars
at personal appointments, for more complex issues, or
over the phone on 132 300 - say Financial Information Service when prompted

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