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Evelyn Zaragoza

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 22:59

Vale Reynaldo BUCAO Snr by Bob Bell


Condolences and sympathies are extended to Clarita (Laling) Bucao his family on the passing of FASHVI Life Member Rey Bucao Snr on Tuesday evening 7th August 2018 at 86 years of age at Mayfield Aged Care.
Rey was the father & father-in-law of Rizalito & Ranu, Leilani & Paul & Reynaldo Jr. Rey was much loved Lolo of Nelson, Marqus, Bailey, Yashmin and Jaiden.
Rey Bucao had been cared for at home by his wife Laling and family over the past few years as his health deteriorated. Rey’s respiratory problems and heart issues confined him to his home, with medication to help his quality of life.
Rey was admitted to the Calvary Mater Hospital at Waratah on several occasions over the past few years. Then on Friday 1st June 2018 he was again admitted to the Calvary Mater Hospital.
Rey was given oxygen, intravenous drip medication to stabilize his condition. In early July, Rey was transferred to Belmont Hospital for placement in an Aged Care Facility.
Rey was transferred in July to Mayfield Aged Care, where despite daily visits by his wife Laling and family he passed away on Tuesday 7th August 2018.
Rey’s funeral was held on Wednesday 15th August 2018 at Pettigrew's Funeral at Wallsend, after which a private cremation followed.
A profile of Rey’s Life
Reynaldo Beguilme Bucao was born on 29th June 1932 at San Pablo, Laguna, Philippines where he grew up and completed his education.
After school Rey was a Marine Engineer on a ship, when it went to Cebu he met Laling (Clarita), who was working as a Ship Chandler in Cebu.
After a 2 year courtship they were married on 7th April 1960 in Cebu, where she lived while Rey was at sea.
Rey and Laling had 3 children, Rizalito who is 51 years of age, then Lelani who is 48 years of age and Reynaldo Jnr. who is 46 years of age.
He worked in Papua New Guinea from 1970 for Burns Philip Ltd as a Refrigeration & Air conditioning Supervisor.
After 10 years Rey travelled to Townsville, 5th September 1980 for 5 months and after passed examinations to migrate to Australia.
In March 1981 Rey and family moved to the BHP Steelworks, Newcastle to take up his new employment in refrigeration, where he often recruited and trained workers who were sent to Melbourne to work.
Hence the legacy of Rey Bucao began in Newcastle, lasting for over 37 years. Even up till 2 months prior to his passing he continued to write ‘Newsbits’ for the Mabuhay Newsletter a monthly publication of FASHVI.
Rey Bucao Founder of FASHVI
On relocating to Newcastle with his family in March 1981, Rey was eager to meet Filipino-Australians. Rey enquired at the newly formed Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) at Hamilton if there was a Filipino-Australian association. Mrs. Veronica Henry told Rey “There was None”.
A few weeks later he met Zeny Edmonds and Ursie Thuel, who told Rey there were many Pilipinas married to Aussies but there was no formal association. Rey with Zeny & Ursie contacted more Pinay-Aussies, and drew up a organisation structure, constitution, a name and a logo.
On Sunday 14th June, 1981 at Lutheran Church Hall, Broadmeadow, Rey presented a proposal to a gathered group who enthusiastically signified approval and support. Hence the Filipino-Australian Society of the Hunter Valley was born. At the meeting the late Ray Williams was elected as the 1st President.
Initially FASHV operated as an unincorporated charity, so besides a lot of social and cultural activities in the following months, embarking on fund raising schemes.
At this time Rey with Velia McNamara & Zoraida King organized the Mabuhay Dance Troupe, and later on the Sampaguita Choir.
Rey was the Filipino Society delegate to Ethnic Communities Council of Newcastle & Hunter Region Inc; (ECCNHR). FASHVI was amongst the first to be involved. Rey was awarded Life Membership of the ECC in about Year 2008, in recognition of his services to multiculturalism.
Rey helped organize sporting activities, eg:- Basketball, Volleyball, Tenpin Bowling, Golf and even “Simpa” a Filipino sport.
Rey was initiated publishing the Mabuhay Newsletter. Rey continued to write his “Newsbits” column which he submitted each month right up till May 2018.
On the spiritual aspect, Rey with Fr. R. Paras, initiated the monthly religious revival which eventually led to the celebration of an Annual ‘Fiesta’ in honor of the First Filipino Saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila. The first fiesta was held at the Scallabrini Centre, Hamilton it provided the venue for spiritual and Social functions.
In 1987 FASHVI was legally incorporated legal association in NSW, as membership grew, hence the FASHVI.
In June 1984, Rey initiated the establishment of a Filipino Language School now known as the SCHOOL OF PHILIPPINE STUDIES (SOPS). Funding from the NSW Community Language Program under the Department of Education & Training and the Migrant Resource Centre of Newcastle; which Rey led with help from other Filipino’s to teach and development of children of Filipino-Australians of the Filipino language and culture. Rey continued this task well into the 21st century.
Rey was also President of FASHVI on several occasions and his passing will leave a large gap in knowledge not only of FASHVI, but also his writings in not only the Mabuhay Newsletter, also the Philippine Community Herald and also occasionally the Bayanihan News, and also SBS Radio.
Rey’s legacy will live on, but the Bucao family will miss a man who they loved. During this time of grieving and sorrow, they can rest assured there are hundreds of Filipino-Australians, who will also miss Rey’s wisdom, his willingness to help others. On behalf of all FASHVI members please accept our condolences on the passing of your husband and father, whom we all loved and admired.


After an overwhelming vote of no confidence APCO appointed President Violeta Escultura has been unanimously voted out by the official Board of Directors effectively reinstating Cora Paras, who was originally voted as President but declined the position and settled for the Senior Vice Presidency instead.
Ralph Improgo, another unconstitutionally appointed officer acting as PRO, has now been replaced by Richard Ford.
The case of both Escultura and Improgo were eventually deemed deft-of-hand appointments deliberately made by APCO past President Cen Amores and have been deemed unconstitutional and subjected to the right course of action by the new Board.
In righting the wrong, investigations appeared that both Escultura and Improgo are in truth technically not regular APCO members because they only paid their membership dues during the actual Election Day. Furthermore, they do not represent any affiliate group to which they are acting as President for them to be officially qualified for nomination to the APCO Board of Directors which elects and selects the top 15 of the highest contenders who eventually convene to vote amongst themselves the President and other specific positions as is mandated by the APCO Constitution and By-Laws.
Article 11.2.3 - Nominations to the Board positions are open to regular members who shall have continuously been a member of the Association for at least one (1) year prior to the election and who is in possession of good moral character as defined under the law of the land.
Art.17.2.1 - Only regular members of the Association are entitled to this process.
APCO's bank account has been frozen as when the duly elected treasurer went to the bank, her name was deleted as a signatory to the account and changed to 'Assistant Treasurer'.
Art 16.7 - The President and the Treasurer shall operate the Association's account with the Senior Vice President and the Public Officer being made alternate signatory.
Quite defiantly persistent, via an email immediately executed first thing in the morning of the following day, 27th August at 7:27 AM
declares to one and all:  
 “You may have received this communication from Jhun Salazar and to avoid confusion I would like to let you know that officially I am still the President of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, Inc.
Please be guided accordingly.”
 The above was Escultura’s leaving no stones unturned reaction in reference to Jhun Salazar, APCO Public Officer and Senior Adviser’s initial email as follows:
“This is to inform you that APCO Board at its meeting convened on 26 Aug 2018 at Club Marconi has elected a new President to lead the organisation to 2020.
This may come as a surprise to many of you, however, the change of leadership was essential to ensure APCO continues to serve the community and return the operation to normalcy.

Sunday, 16 September 2018 23:59


An invitation to Walk for Mental Health

Monday, 17 September 2018 09:48


An Invitation



Something interesting about Bangalow.  The town of Bangalow can be found in New South Wales.  It is located in the Byron Shire Council with the population of more than 2,000 in the 2016 Census.  It is North of Sydney (765 kilometres and South of Brisbane (167 kilometres) - off the Pacific Highway.  Its name was derived from an Aboriginal word "Bangalla" which means "low hill or a kind of palm tree".  It was first known as "Bangaloe" and in 1907 the spelling became modern and was changed to "Bangalow".  It is a beautiful haven for holiday makers who may want to enjoy the fun the town can bring.  There are beautiful hotels, guest houses and a home for a good brewed coffee from the local area itself and lots of other foods that anybody can enjoy.

The Billycart Derby is a great yearly event that people are always looking forward to join in or simply just to watch.  It is an old fashioned outdoor event full of fun for everyone, young and old alike.  It is for everyone.  No age limit  A man known to many who became the oldest participant in 2016 is "Bangalow Bill" at the age of 86 and still strong.  Age did not stop him from doing things that he has enjoyed for so many years.  The event had began in 1994 and has grown each year.  It is inclusive to the whole community - individuals, families, workplaces, schools, sporting clubs, seniors, among others. 

The different categories range from Celebrity, Home Grown, Novelty and Traditional.  The Billycart must be under 75 kilogram, the width must not exceed to 1,200 mm, there must be fixed seating and proper brake and steering wheels. To participate - registration forms are available from 7:00-9:00am sharp.  It can be completed in advance too.

The competition is on the main street, 20 May 2018.  It starts at 12:30 pm with all the Billycarts in line ready to go.  The Billycarts began rolling down the hills and spectators are in big and loud applause.  Everyone was excited.  The Billycarts came in all colours, shapes and sizes.  Prizes are available to the winners.  What a delight!  Above all, it is a free event.

The event coincides with the "Mad Hatter's Derby Tea Party" - a group from Bangalow Public School - considered as the biggest fundraiser.  It is on in the month of May each year.  Food stalls are busy selling foods, cakes, coffee and many more that catches the eyes of the people around.  The other fun includes the ferris wheel ride, jumping castle, merry go round and a lot more.  There are arts and crafts stalls too and clothes stalls as well.  There is something for everyone. The funds raised is given to the School and contribute towards the resources needed to promote to the learning welfare of the students. The Bangalow Public School was first built in 1884.  And in 1925, four classroom building was made out of brick materials.

The Bangalow Billy Cart Derby is an iconic event.  It is organised by the Bangalow Lions Club, sponsored by Summerland Credit Union and run by Volunteers - 100% all the way through. The money being raised go to the Bangalow Public School, Scouts, Local Community Projects, Charities the Town's Annual Christmas Street Party.

The highlight of the event is the Grand Parade  with the participation of the
local bands, vintage cars, schools, local clubs, scouts and celebrities.  It is made possible by the generous businesses, clubs and people who are always willing to give out of love.

The new project that comes this year is the billycart building courses intended for fathers and sons or mothers and daughters and is held at the Bangalow Men's Shed on Saturday mornings.  It works well for those who do not have a Do It Yourself skills or workshops.

Visit the area and see it for yourself.  Bring your family and friends.  For sure, you will have a thing to remember and may share it to others as well.  Try!  You have nothing to lose but good memories to cherish.

Thanks to all the Organisers, Sponsors and the whole Community who supported this wonderful event.

Website - http://www.bangalowbillycart.com.au

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Campbelltown City’s Kalayaan 2018


The vibrant Filipino community of the Campbelltown and Macarthur Region celebrated the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence with a joint Flag Raising ceremony at the City Council Lawns followed by a cultural program and lunch at the Campbelltown Civic Centre on 16 June 2018. It’s the 12th year official celebration of Philippine National Day of the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council (CRFCC) Inc. in coordination with the Campbelltown City Council and with the Philippine Consular General Sydney.

Consul Melanie Diano, representing Consul General Ma. Teresa L. Taguiang and Mayor George Brticevic jointly raised the National Australian and Philippine flags. Greg Warren MP for Campbelltown raised the Aboriginal Flag and Cr.Rey Manoto raising the Campbelltown City Council Flag. Labor Councillors Margaret Chivers, Masood Chowdhury and Ben Gilholme also graced the occasion and welcomed the attendees. CRFCC Youth Ambassador Nelwyn Dejillo sang both anthems acapella.

Yours truly, CRFCC President warmly welcomed all attendees who braved the chilly winter morning reiterated Consul Melanie Diano’s highlight on the Kalayaan 2018 Theme of “Pagbabagong Ipinaglaban, Alay sa Masaganang Kinabukasan translated: Change We Fought For, An Offering for an Abundant Future. The proud Filipino Campbelltown community had envisioned it for years that by working together we can achieve the shared goals of growth, prosperity and harmony in our birth country the Philippines and our adopted country Australia most especially in our City of Campbelltown.

Showcasing the culture with songs and dances followed with performers Ms Gilda Pagaduan acclaimed Filipino vocalist, Mr. Yves Personnel President of the Combined Churches of Macarthur with his Latino songs and a touch of Elvis Presley and the colourful dancing of the Muslim dance ‘BILAAN’ and ‘SALAKOT’ performed by AUS Min Dancers Annie Benitez and Vi Espejo Loveliness

Greg Warren MP State Member for Campbelltown presented a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence to the Philippine Consular General and the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council.
Consul Melanie Diano accepted the Certificate on behalf of the Hon Consul General Ma.Teresa L.Taguiang and Lourdes Kaiser President of the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council Inc


Greg Warren MP and Consul Melanie Diano proudly led the Toast for Australia and the Philippines respectively.

Yours truly warmly welcomed and thanked the Councillors who stayed on for the Cultural Program in Councillors Margaret Chivers, Rey Manoto, Masood Chowdhury and Ben Gilholme, Gerald Kenneally Director of Kenneallys Funerals Campbelltown and all Suburbs, major Sponsor of CFRCC’s events, Shefali Pali Proprietor of Alkalizer Cafe and Restaurant donor of the delicious Morning Tea, PCC- NSW President Serna Ladia and Board, the wonderful performers Gild Pasadena, Yves Peronecc, Annie Benitez and Vi Espejo Loveliness for showcasing the cultural Muslim Dance “BILAAN” and the “Salakot”, to Mr Graeme Chivers Campbelltown Labors Councillors camera man who covered the whole proceedings.

A heartfelt thanks was extended to the wonderful CRFCC Team for its dedication, commitment and professionalism in Renee Estrella CRFCC Secretary and gracious Master of Ceremonies, Connie Ramsey CRFCC VP . Pikes Garcia, Cora Michel, Elsa Collado, Marie Zawadka, Diane Vedala, Wilma Donney, Lita Smith, Cirila Freeman, Ellen and Manny Padilla
and to the Filipino community

The proud and vibrant Campbelltown Filipino community has once again displayed a marvelous celebration of community and culture.

A sumptuous Lunch followed with plenty of selfies!


Happy Independence Day! MABUHAY!

Photos : Courtesy of Mr. Graeme Chivers.

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