Nonoy Zuniga, actress Ara Mina and her sister and Eric C. Maliwat onstage at the SM North EDSA, Manila, Philippines for a variety show for persons with disability. Nonoy Zuniga, actress Ara Mina and her sister and Eric C. Maliwat onstage at the SM North EDSA, Manila, Philippines for a variety show for persons with disability.

Disability, His Ability



Congratulations to Nonoy Zuniga for a successful concert recently!  As he passionately sings,


Live for love, together we will live without fear

Believe in love that hate may disappear from every heart

Share this love and all of its splendor

Fight for love without surrender

Live for love,live for love you and I


Nonoy never fails to share us the way to level up in love! And he had his way of doing so. He truly paves the way to "healing" either through his songs or his medical profession as a doctor. He was even a long time host of Philippine public service TV shows like Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko (I love my fellow people), advocating for the disadvantaged. This is so much in line with what I am here for in Sydney - community service. And thank God I finished the diploma from Sydney Institute recently. Being one of the past leaders of National Council for Disability Affairs under the Office of the President of the Philippines, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with him in a mega variety show I helped organize for people with disability. Actress Ara Mina was there advocating for the same cause coming from the same experience as her sister is a person with disability (PWD). The event was held at the SM North EDSA entertainment dome and was packed by performers and more so, PWDs who went home inspired. This event happens annually in the Philippines every July.


I worked with Nonoy's late older brother Zion who was our Human Resources Head and National Broadcast Director then. He is one of the best bosses I had. And their youngest brother Zebedee sang in a couple of our gospel music album productions then. Apart from coming f rom the same family, they shared the same experience - moving from disability to His Ability! Actually, we are all people with disability. Jesus advocated for us by giving His very own life as a sacrifice for our sins. His death on the cross paves the way for you and me to receive God's forgiveness and the gift of salvation along with a life that is full and meaningful. Nonoy and his brothers received this life. You too can experience the same now. Whatever limitation you are born with or life has brought you to, come to God with your disability and exchange it for His Ability today! And share the same to others along life's way!


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