Filipino Gospel Music 2014 for Yolanda Fundraising Concert
With Papuri Singers, Tricia Amper Jimenez and Terry Javier with our local Christian Singers.
30 March 2014, Sunday
Bowman Hall, Blacktown


p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-1Backstage of the Bowman Hall Concert with Tricia Amper

At backstage of the Bowman Hall Concert, writer Rey Manaloto with Tricia Amper.




p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-2Come to Jesus brethren with Tricia A Terry J and Jun T on March 29

Come to Jesus brethen with Tricia A., Terry J. and Jun T. on March 29, 2014.



p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-3Jun T. Danny M. Prody B. Annie R. Shirley B. Terry J. Tricia A. performing at Bowman Hall Blacktown Sydney on March 30th

Jun T.. Danny M., Prody B.. Annie R, Shirley B., Terry J. Tricia A.. performing at Bowman Hall Blacktown, NSW on March 30, 2014.



p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-4Jun Tuason Tricia Amper and Terry Javier having a nice chat


Jun Tuason, Tricia Amper and Terry Javier having a nice chat.



p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-6Tricia Amper with Maestro Jun Javier performing at Bowman Hall Concert on March 30th

p27-thoughts-reymanaloto-5Terry Javier and Tricia Amper performing at Agape Christian Church Colyton Sydney on March 30th

Terry Javier and Tricia Amper performing at AGAPE Christian Church, Colyton, NSW on 30th March 30, 2014



p27-thoughts-reymanaloto7Tricia Amper and Terry Javier performing at Come to Jesus Church Glendenning Sydney on March 29th

Tricia Amper and Terry Javier at Come to Jesus Church at Glendenning. NSW on March 29. 2014.



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