Poetically Correct...
BSE, MA (U.P.), Ph.D


She curls cosily on the window ledge
Basking contentedly for the sun’s pledge
Quietly purring in abandoned courage
Posing like a seasoned model on a fashion page.

Its immaculate coat of fur, she licks it clean
Preening, smoothing, licking itself to a sheen
The languid, blue-green eyes peer as if to dream
Its pick tongue daintily sticks out for a cream.

Stretching, arching its back to a feline grace
Captivates the onlooker as it slows down its pace
Signalling one’s desire to pat it and make a caress
Virtually inspiring anyone to have tenderness.

A pretty young lass is akin to a feline beauty
Her gracious, sensuous nature arouses masculinity
Candidly looking at her willowy figure is a curiosity
Of what makes a 36-23-36 body a quality.

The perfectly formed scalp of luxuriant flowing hair
Frames the face of soulful eyes, slender nose, high cheeks, full lips and dainty ears
Her lean neck leads to a chubby, up standing bosom
Resting on a lithe rib-cage, flat tummy, tiny waist, and sexy bottom.

Her long neat legs carry a stature of 5’7” height
An awesome beauty moulded for endless sight
A fabulous candidate for a star-studded crown
In a gorgeous titled sash, tiara, and stunning gown.

Filipinas translated to “fine selection”
Expressly the birthright of beautification
Coveting international and universal coronation
Citing the Filipina beauty as a unique acquisition.


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