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Perhaps you had had many “winters of discontent”

Therefore this is the time to uproot the rabid weeds

Several thistles and thorns to obscure the deeds

That once made up your life of righteous intent.


When in your mid-life, ascendancy, life was good

Everything you touched your business turned to gold

Your luck, health, finances gave  you fortune

As the years roll on, your progress chart was in tune.


Then greed, pride, lust , arrogance, selfishness came to grind

You turned a blind eye to former friends who failed in kind

Alibis were your excape the help you’d lend

People who assist you, met a cold vend.


The stern countenance, haughty behaviour, stiff demeanor

Lofty outlook, grand designs, uncaring character

Clothed your personality, so as to change your exterior

No one wants to associate with you any longer.


Each winter of your life has marred your life

The once happy life you had, only gave you strife

Potential solitude in your career and even family is rife

Nobody gives you a damn for you are just a fife.


Where is the spring contentment that gives the boast?

Could you mend and have another chance?

Yes, get rid of undesirables and get enhanced

Just brush off the bad, the ugly and the worst.


Determine to eradicate the worst iniquities

Remove the rubbish, trash and self-impurities

Throw away and discard the disastrous bacteria

Smother the accumulated soul-polluted carcinoma.


You are just in time for a spring clean

You are just in time for a reverse step

You are just in time for a vigorous pep

You are just in time for a life-saving glean.

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