It is Floriade!

Time to watch the beautiful flowers 

Cascading the man made meadows surrounding a lake.

It is a collaboration of man’s hand and intellect 

With nature’s beauty and capability that enhances Gods creation.

And perhaps God would say,

“Ah, yes! This is why I made man, for they are my co-creators of heaven in earth!”

I wish I can seat again on those bench and smell the freshness of its air,

And fill my vision with vibrant coloured flowers arranged in beds of reds, of whites and lavender.

I would love staring at the lake in front of me, 

Watching the flickering shadows of sunlight on its clear and green waters

I love eating the hotdogs I buy from food stands,

I fill it with caramelized onion and mustard and catsup on top.

I just love the strolls, Norman and I make from one corner to corner

Admiring the intricacies of how they create such a beautiful garden, 

 But most of all, I enjoyed the smiles and the fun people have 

And greater still are the warm hugs from friends who are there that day.

Floriade that’s how you have touched my life,

That every time winter comes to my life

I think of the Floriade in Canberra, 

And spring comes rushing back to me.


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