"Mother" dedicated by: Puring Abella


(Dedicated by: Puring Abella)


M - stands for our mother’s milk that supports us in our growth, strength and good health to make us live and laugh with patience, cheerfulness, endurance, sympathy and hopes that never fade away.


O - is for the overwhelming love, tender care, protection and guidance we enjoy until she gets older and weaker.


T - is for the tender touch with care, trust and time she spends in guiding the family to achieve one’s objectives in life triumphantly.


H - is for the hugs, heart and hands that guide us harmoniously on our up-bringing with hopes and happiness.


E - is for the enourmous encouragements, embraces, efforts, endurances and enjoyments eternally effective to become worth emulating to everyone.


R - is for the religious attitude or responsibilities that reigns righteously rewarding in the eyes of God, to maintain respect and unity in the family.



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