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BSE, MA (U.P.), Ph.D.


This poem endorsed by many people is reluctantly composed
Due to obvious reasons, culprits could be grossly exposed
Poor Philippines has been plundered time and time again
By heartless Filipinos whose pockets have been lined for a gain.

The course of events involving lawmakers’ felony
Cause millions of Filipinos to lament in agony
Millions hardly eat enough morsels to feed the hungry
Yet heartless lawmakers have the guts to do some infamy.

The surfacing of a certain gut-full Janet Lim Napoles
To steal billions of pesos to corrupt people who care less
Staving their conscience as if they could not be punished
Testing their worldly existence, proving that they won’t be finished.

Guts in the wrong places is simply their norm of conduct
Fakers of signatures, influential percenters are all about
To promote the pork barrel scam almost throughout
Fooling the people whose trust has been betrayed brought out.

No fear of the Almighty makes the scammers bold
Their modus operandi beats the worst criminals on hold
Consequences are thereby wantonly discarded
Expecting their actions to be easily rewarded.

Guts in the wrong places is used unfavourably
By the perpetrators of national perjury
Only God can vindicate the people’s misery
Caused by greedy lawmakers to impoverish the country.


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