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The Australian Government’s position in relation to school autonomy and school improvement plans has not changed but our determination to hold states, territories and school systems to account is resolute.

All state and territory education systems already have in place a range of frameworks that require schools to develop and provide school improvement plans.

For the Commonwealth to require schools to develop additional plans simply places an extra red-tape burden on schools, takes teachers away from classrooms and provides no benefit to students.

The unnecessary requirement for schools to produce additional improvement plans for the Commonwealth was enshrined by Labor under the Australian Education Act 2013.

The Australian Government removed the need for schools to provide the plans in 2015 and 2016.

The Government is continuing to talk to the states and territories, and non-government school authorities, regarding funding arrangements from 2018 onwards.

I am committed to holding the states and territories, and non-government schools systems, to account for the Commonwealth funding they receive. I will not tolerate our current record levels of Commonwealth funding being used to offset investments by the states.

The Australian Government has already amended the Australian Education Regulation 2013 to ensure clear accountability by all states and territories in how Commonwealth school funding is allocated.

Every state and territory is required to confirm that Commonwealth funding has been used to support school education and to provide information about how much Commonwealth school funding is allocated to each school in their state.

In addition, for each government school, the states and territories are required to show how Commonwealth funding has been provided to these schools using the state funding allocation model.

It is astounding that Labor make claims as though they applied the so-called Gonski model in its purest form when they actually engaged in a series of inconsistent deals across different states and different systems that increased costs but weakened outcomes.

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