I have a few words to say about our dear sister who has joined our Creator on 22 Jan 2014, peacefully in her sleep. The inevitable came at dawn with Konrad, her beloved husband and the hospital staff around her. Life’s mystery may have ended that morning, but I can assure you our dear Cita’s faith has kept her going strong and comforted for the last few years that she battled through her illness. She remained steadfast in her pursuit of completing a few of her projects . With her strong sense of community volunteerism, she immersed herself with her own church community as catechist as well. At the end, the sanctuary of our Heavenly Father was what became her hope.

Manang Cita, as we fondly called her as a show of endearment to an older sister, was a strong believer in our Ilocano heritage. In the earlier years of the Ilocano Association, the Vigan group was also in existence. Malyn Chun, the Founder of IAA said, it was imperative to join the two groups together. Cita, born and bred in Vigan was very pleased with the amalgamation. Still from time to time, she met up with her friends from Vigan .

I have associated with Manang Cita zealously from the time I became the IAA President. She was the Vice President. She was also my mentor. We had a few get-togethers, first at the Consulate-General in Sydney, Phillip Bay and Lidcombe and North Entrance on the Central Coast. When she re-started her treatment, it was then impossible to get around. We have visited her at her home in the Northern Beaches from then on. All the time she had an ardent hope to beat the Big C. Her faith in God was so strong, she did not really worry what comes next. She has asked her friends to help her pray.

I can never forget the time I spent one night with Manang Cita while confined @ Greenwich Hospital. It was just before Christmas. We chatted like old ladies do in our Ilocano dialect. I mentioned the current events around the community and the disasters in the Visayan islands. We also prayed together.

Thank you for your kindness and love. Until we meet again.
Sapay koma ta awaten naka ni Apo Dios idiay Pagarian nga insaganana Kenka.
Agnanayon nga mangdungdungo kaniam. Emily and Peter (IAA)




Our four grand children are back to school, the youngest being in Grade 2. The family had such a happy get-together with the 2 families and the arrival of our eldest daughter with hubby from Northern Ireland was icing on the cake. We decided to bond together and went overnight to Jenolan Caves

We rented 2 Jenolan Caves Cottages near Oberon for the night. The young ones explored two caves, the River cave and Lucas Cave. All told there were over 2000 steps to climb. Jason and Mark were there for the first time and my, how they enjoyed it. The four apos also were game to climb with their parents.

Pete and I did not climb the steps as we have climbed there before when the children were young. But we went walking on flat land around the caves and river. The heat was unbearable, but sitting under the Marble Arch gave us some respite from extreme weather conditions that day.

We had food from the Caves Bistro. Played with a bandicott (possum) and took photos of the lorikeets. We had barbecue at the site’s barbecue area. Kangaroo and wallaby, an echidna, rabbits native birds were around us. Pier who is a budding photographer took some exciting photos of the sunset, of the flora, fauna, the eucalypts and of course the family. Very clever.

When the climbers came back, we drove back to Katoomba via Oberon, which was a better road. I recommend that you go through Oberon next time you visit.





Shining through the Stars


This is a reminder to the Board, Affiliates and members of the Filipino-Australian Community of the Annual General meeting to be held on March 15, 2014 @ the Hub, Ayres St, Mt. Druitt.

My thoughts about PCC-NSW

Strong words! We have had our ups and downs , twists and turns as a body, and I want to acknowledge the huge effort by some members to get the work done. You know who you are who laboured without too much fuss but a definite dedication and commitment to PCC. I know that without involvement, there is no commitment. At the start of the year, some already made it clear that they were not going to get involved. Zilch, Nada! Why?

Some continued to stir the pot, so they said it and blamed it to “poor governance”. You can believe what you want, but during those meeting days/ and nights, we lost so much valuable time discussing over and over the same topics which we have spoken about before. There were usually 8 or 9 swayed towards the President’s side, which was a sweet number. The others, like I said, DID NOT INVOLVE themselves, therefore there was NO COMMITMENT.

We can look back with pride our 1st project which was the Independence Day in June. I truly enjoyed and I am sure some people were able to enjoy that night. Having the then Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard as our Guest Speaker was a great coup for the Board. I would like to commend VP Alric Bulseco for his initiative and determination to make that night a success. With President Elsa and the rest of the team who believed in making the night achievable, it was a dream come true.

The 2nd project was the holding of the 457 Visa Forum. It was a successful forum with the participation of the Labour Office and the PCG office with the Con-Gen Anne Jalando-on Louis and Consul Marford in attendance.

The third Project was the Arise Fundraising Night for the survivors of super typhoon Haiyan from the Visayan islands. Again people condemned the timing, the urgency of this appeal! No INVOLVEMENT, No COMMITMENT. It was a successful night by all accounts. Thank you to all our supporters and benefactors.

Last but not the least, the Ugnayan was organised for all affiliates and interested members of the community. They were invited. For some reason, and from experience, not too many join assemblies like this. We ended up with reporting by the Pader Committee and the Committee on the Elderly. What happened during the meeting has left some traumatised, to be fair to say. I think we can do better to uphold respect, and maintain dignity, fairness and justice.

Whatever the year holds for PCC-NSW this year, I am sure it will be in good hands. The AGM is fast approaching . Let us do the right thing.

Be proud of our Filipino heritage. Magkaisa, magdamayan, magpasalamat para sa isa’t isa at ipagbunyi ang mga Masaya at mapayapang sandali ng ating pagkabuhay.




I am leaving you with this quote: “ Our God is vulnerable, more vulnerable than a lover with her Beloved. Oh! To be vulnerable!”

And for Manang Cita, “Death be the harvesting of Love of God – may my life be a bumper crop.” Adieu, kailian.


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