(Top) APCO Founding President, Dr Cen Amores addresses the guests.  (Below) Representatives from APCO pose with the Nepalese leaders and organising committee of ‘Rebuild Nepal’ fundraising (Top) APCO Founding President, Dr Cen Amores addresses the guests. (Below) Representatives from APCO pose with the Nepalese leaders and organising committee of ‘Rebuild Nepal’ fundraising

APCO helps Rebuild Nepal Fundraising

A delegation from the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations Inc (APCO) attended the Rebuild Nepal Fundraising Dinner and Dance organised by the Sweet Vibrations and other musical bands at the St John-Paul II Hall in Marayong last 20 June.
The group composed of Dr Cen Amores, Ruben Amores, Glorina Papaioannou, Albert Prias, Zeny Piosik, Brillo Amores, Melanie Balagtas, Francis Balagtas and Kristian Cacha represented our community and APCO. A total of $250 cash plus some raffle prizes were donated by APCO officers and members who could not make it to the event.
Sweet Vibrations Band helped in the massive fundraising campaign for the victims of Super typhoon Haiyan last year. Reigning Miss United Nations Australia and active APCO member, Melanie Balagtas helped in handing the raffle prizes to the winners
Addressing the more than two hundred guests from multicultural communities in attendance, Dr Cen Amores, APCO Founding President said, “It is a pleasure and a privilege to join you tonight for a good cause. More than a year ago, our country was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. In solidarity with the Filipino people, the Sweet Vibrations Band led by Nicky Pillay organised, in collaboration with APCO, two fundraising initiatives to help our people. On behalf of APCO, I would like to thank you all for your generousity in our time of need. Tonight, we are all here to help Rebuild Nepal. ” (Ruben Amores)

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  • The Great Divide TWO IN ONE Two sets of Board of Directors in one APCO body

    The Great Divide

    Two sets of Board of Directors in one APCO body
    By Mars Cavestany
    The protracted battle between APCO Inc’s two warring camps -- the Paras-Salazar group versus that of Escultura-Amores – continues to drag for seven months now since its controversy-ridden election of officers in 10 March 2018.
    The first to create a new Board is the Paras-Salazar group following a reshuffle of officers by effectively removing the unconstitutionally appointed President Violetta Escultura and PRO, Ralph Improgo via a Board Resolution-cum-vote of no confidence with matching complaints of abuse of power and authority.
    On 26 August 2018 this majority group elected and replaced the two ousted officers with Cora Paras, President and Richard Ford, PRO respectively.
    On the other hand, based on its series of coordinated social media pronouncements, the Escultura-Amores group issued one public announcement after another in open defiance of the new Board claiming themselves as the true and legitimate APCO group.
    After issuing suspensions and revocations of membership to the Paras-Salazar group, the Escultura-Amores group created an Ad Hoc Committee and hastily submitted a new set of Board of Directors to the Department of Fair Trading, using the DFT’s acknowledgement to make alleged unofficial transactions at the bank practically depleting APCO funds and its coffers running dry.
    As of press time, PCHN learned that, APCO’s bank account has been frozen once again following the second alleged contestable withdrawal made by the Escultura-Paras camp. (See related interview story on Page 17 and 41 )
    What is more, each camp citing specific provisions of the APCO Constitution has practically revoked the memberships of those who have aligned themselves to the other group, vice versa. .
    A public statement on 8th September by Escultura cited the Paras-Salazar group as comprising of a number of “dissenting and dissatisfied officers and members who had been sowing seeds of division and discord among the APCO membership””.
    As of 2 Oct. another Escultura statement was circulated in social media declaring her removal as a total disregard of due process thereby “vexatious and frivolous and therefore null and void.”
    Thus, the vigilantly unrelenting Escultura issued suspensions to some and absolute revocation of membership to others in emails individually sent to the Paras-Salazar office bearers dated as early as the 13th of September 2018.

    The common standard demand in these emails letters “to dispute via the grievance committee in 14 days” fell on deaf ears.
    As far as the Paras-Salazar groups is concerned, Escultura’s orders are baseless having been earlier officially stripped of her position and rights as President. Her separate emails to the original Board officials outside of her camp comprising a greater majority who have persisted on functioning in their rightfully elected posts had unanimously ignored and treated Escultura’s marching orders as a “big joke and a great mockery of herself and those who connives with her” They further stated that Escultura’s claim to having been “legitimately elected President at the AGM is fraudulent and gross misrepresentation of the truth.” The quotes are from the open letter of Jun Salazar to Charles Chan (acting as Head of the Grievance Committee in his capacity as Junior VP) as posted by Richard J. Ford, (APCO PRO’s) in his FB account on 17th September.
    The new Escultura-Amores Board is now composed of the following with mention of the group(s)/affiliations they represent if not stand-alone as an individual members.
    President - Violeta Escultura, Filipino Women Support Group Inc
    Senior Vice President - Mariam McCauley, Club Filipino Illawara Inc
    Jr Vice President - Charles Chan, Sedgwick Housing Co-operative Ltd
    Secretary - Carmen Fraser
    Treasurer - Jimmy Lopez, NARRA Co-op Ltd
    Auditor - Marissa Collins, Global Ilocanos Australia Inc
    PRO - Ralph Improgo
    Director - Cora Bojarski, Fil-Oz Liverpool
    Director - Emma Braceros, Filipinas Dance Group
    Director - Pitz Dorninger, Illawara Filipino and Multicultural Women’s Group
    Director - Rose Lay, Filipino Women Support Group
    Director - Glorina Papaiannou
    Director - Zeny Piosik
    Director - Albert Prias, Flagcom
    Director - George Torres, Plaza Filipino Inc
    Public Officer - Ruben Amores, Kapitbahayan Co-operative Ltd
    Adviser - Cen Amores, Kapitbahayan Co-operative Ltd and Past President APCO

    Meanwhile, the recently completed Paras-Escultura Board with new officers elected to fill in the gaps during the special meeting held last 21st October at the Marconi Club. There was a motion to remove the 'breakaway' officers on Sept. 16, 2018 because, they were not attending the required meetings and was confirmed on the 21st Oct 2018, when the election of the new officers finally transpired:
    President: Cora Paras
    VP Senior: Fe Hayward
    VP Junior: Jhun Salazar
    Secretary: Linda Price
    Treasurer: Rita Agostino
    Int. Auditor: Mick Miguel
    PRO: Richard Ford
    Board of Directors:
    1. Doug Myers
    2. Pet Storey
    3. Linda Trinidad
    4. Edna Voros
    5. Dian Ford
    6. Frank Floro
    7. Roberto Sacilotto
    8. Larry Perez

    The Paras-Salazar group is now awaiting the most crucial official response to their complaint letter to set the record straight at the Department of Fair Trading.

    As we go to the press, we received copy of Cora Paras' reply to the text sent her and members of her groupwhich we reprint here in full:

    On 22nd October 2018 at 11.16pm, an anonymous person sent an unsigned message to me, Jhun Salazar, Richard Ford and others. Below is the complete message. Lucky I copied it straightaway, now it’s been deleted.


    “Hi, Jhun Salazar and C. Paras group, what history is being repeated you’re claiming? You can repeat the history by having a different name, create your own logo and start from zero finance. Cora P. didn’t you disagree on the unification and published in E. Zaragosa’s newspaper? What made you change your mind? Is it to become popular like the Amoreses. They work hard and have the brain to think of projects sponsored by the government and not using the publics, contestants and member’s money to go to the P.I. Start from scratch to show and prove to the community how brilliant you are too. Or are you only jealous of the achievements of the original APCO?
    The reply of Millie of Kalatas shows her being Christian and moral values – by not dragging others down and keep internal issues within the association. Have you been yet to CJC? Or you’re scared to find out the truth?


    I am open and would like my answer to be seen by everyone. Obviously this sender hides behind the screen, to harass and invade people’s privacy in representing the breakaway group – Escultura / Amoreses, hiding behind our backs, lacking Courage to face the Truth and showing their Cowardice and Weakness to cope with the Truth. Finally, by losing the plot and self-control, resulting in tantrums like a spoiled brat.

    1. What history? The split and spill history from PCC NSW was because Cen Amores couldn’t accept being defeated (like now) and not welcomed.

    2. We will not have a different name, nor create a new logo and the group will need to pay the $12,000.00 back.

    3. I did not disagree on the idea of unity. Unification has raised meanings of uniting if you are using your “brilliant” mind. There were options given. I did not agree on the Dissolution of the two (2) Peak Bodies to form One Body. I agreed on the two (2) Bodies staying as is – with own identity but collaborating and working together as a team in carrying out the goals and objectives for the common good. Collaboration, Harmony, Friendship and Teamwork can achieve unity and one voice for the Filipino-Australian Community. I haven’t changed my mind and we have started the harmonizing and team working promise with the PCC NSW and other Organisations.

    4. You never see me in front of any newspapers seeking popularity with the Politicians like the Amoreses, Publicity-seeking gestures. I do community work quietly with no flash bulbs and pomposity. Until Cen Amores ran to the Police to file false physical assault charges against me, which have been dismissed as a closed case, a while ago, for lack of evidence, I was just a selfless community leader, happy to work with no fanfare. Cen Amores made me popular! Thanks to her tantrums. Because of this too, the road was opened for the Truth to come out.

    5 A. Brains? Where did they get their Brains? Many are startled, surprised and are asking – how did she get her “Dr” before her name? When?
    The Teachers Group in APCO including Pet Storey and me, are all recognized and qualified teachers of the Department of Education and Training in Australia. I have been teaching here for nearly 40 years plus the 15years I taught in the Philippines before coming here.

    5 B. Hard Work? Oh, yes, working hard to get grants/funding from the Government putting the cheques through APCO Bank account and withdrawing them for their own perusal, sometimes the next day. Ruben and Cen Amores did not have to think of Projects. You’re right when you said, “they are Projects sponsored by the government.” The projects are there they first have to apply for them. Easy! With their manipulative means, they get them; use them for their own benefits, not APCO’s. Cen Amores haven’t initiated any project of APCO. With ASCON, Auburn now Cumberland Council maybe, but not with APCO. The Haiyan Typhoon Fundraising through Bucket Collection – train stations were done by APCO members and friends, not only by herself and Ruben. There are other unanswered questions regarding money that are not answered clearly by the Amoreses. We are still waiting for receipts.

    6. Who are you referring to as using “the publics, contestants and member’s money to get donation for the P.I.?” Do you mean the VAA? Look through the FB pages and see the pictures of 500+ School Children enjoying the Feeding Programs, receiving the distribution of School Supplies, smiling faces of students helped through Scholarships and the grateful families helped through the Livelihood Program. During the AGM on 10th March 2018, I suggested to pass the hat around to give something for the good cause of the Feeding Program in May for the VAA, an affiliate member of APCO. Cen Amores first tossed the nose up and disregarded the suggestion and instead used the hard-earned money of the Pet Storey administration to subsidise new members and their partners and friends to pay for their tickets to the Premier’s Harmony Dinner. Then when she saw the photos of VAA’s very successful Humanitarian Programme, she hastened to congratulate them. Hypocrisy at its best!

    7. You’re asking – am I jealous of the achievements of the original APCO?
    Of course not! I don’t get jealous of any organisation. I think you meant the Amoreses. APCO under the leadership of the Amoreses did not achieve anything beneficial to its members or the Filipino-Australian Community. Achievements were for themselves, self-promotion, and popularity, self-glory, self-fame and false power. No one is jealous, surely not me! Writing their own awards, nominating themselves and asking people/members to endorse and sign their nominations are what they are good for.

    8. You say, keep “internal” issues within the organisation!
    With Cen Amores running to the Police, laying false assault charges against me without any evidence just because she didn’t get what she wanted. Do you call that keeping internal issues within the organisation and not “dragging others down?”

    9. Have I been to the CJC or is scared to find out the truth? No, I haven’t been to the Community Justice Centre, but will gladly welcome dialogues with you. I have nothing to be scared about because the Truth is with us.

    I hope you have been enlightened now. Open your eyes and see the Truth.

    “Open your eyes and see the Truth. The Truth will set you free.” John 8:32

    Yours in Truth,
    Cora Paras
    President APCO Inc.

  • APCO BOARD RESHUFFLE (PARAS IS NEW PREXY) By Mars Cavestany and Evelyn Zaragoza


    After an overwhelming vote of no confidence APCO appointed President Violeta Escultura has been unanimously voted out by the official Board of Directors effectively reinstating Cora Paras, who was originally voted as President but declined the position and settled for the Senior Vice Presidency instead.
    Ralph Improgo, another unconstitutionally appointed officer acting as PRO, has now been replaced by Richard Ford.
    The case of both Escultura and Improgo were eventually deemed deft-of-hand appointments deliberately made by APCO past President Cen Amores and have been deemed unconstitutional and subjected to the right course of action by the new Board.
    In righting the wrong, investigations appeared that both Escultura and Improgo are in truth technically not regular APCO members because they only paid their membership dues during the actual Election Day. Furthermore, they do not represent any affiliate group to which they are acting as President for them to be officially qualified for nomination to the APCO Board of Directors which elects and selects the top 15 of the highest contenders who eventually convene to vote amongst themselves the President and other specific positions as is mandated by the APCO Constitution and By-Laws.
    Article 11.2.3 - Nominations to the Board positions are open to regular members who shall have continuously been a member of the Association for at least one (1) year prior to the election and who is in possession of good moral character as defined under the law of the land.
    Art.17.2.1 - Only regular members of the Association are entitled to this process.
    APCO's bank account has been frozen as when the duly elected treasurer went to the bank, her name was deleted as a signatory to the account and changed to 'Assistant Treasurer'.
    Art 16.7 - The President and the Treasurer shall operate the Association's account with the Senior Vice President and the Public Officer being made alternate signatory.
    Quite defiantly persistent, via an email immediately executed first thing in the morning of the following day, 27th August at 7:27 AM
declares to one and all:  
     “You may have received this communication from Jhun Salazar and to avoid confusion I would like to let you know that officially I am still the President of the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, Inc.
    Please be guided accordingly.”
     The above was Escultura’s leaving no stones unturned reaction in reference to Jhun Salazar, APCO Public Officer and Senior Adviser’s initial email as follows:
    “This is to inform you that APCO Board at its meeting convened on 26 Aug 2018 at Club Marconi has elected a new President to lead the organisation to 2020.
    This may come as a surprise to many of you, however, the change of leadership was essential to ensure APCO continues to serve the community and return the operation to normalcy.

  • Dr. Cen Amores’ complaint dismissed APCO’s First President alleged assault against current VP Senior by Evelyn Zaragoza


    Cora Paras, VP Senior of APCO was summoned to the Police Station to report her side re: alleged assault complain filed by Dr. Cen Amores, First President of APCO. On the 18th of June 2018, Cora Paras gave her statement and some of the Board Members present during the “Officers and Board Members’ Meeting only” were also interviewed by the police.
    Cora Paras and some of the Board Members present during the meeting called PCHN as “There are untrue and incorrect rumours spreading in the community which I feel damaging my character and reputation, as well that of APCO.”
    Cora said, “On the 20th of April 2018, the officers and members of the Board of APCO, Inc. a non-profit local Filipino organization, held a meeting at the Library in Liverpool starting at 6:00pm.
    This meeting was approved and agreed upon by the Board as “Officers and Board of Directors’ Meeting Only”.
    A week prior to the Meeting, a Reminder/Notice was put on the APCO loop by the Public Officer that Advisers (the Past Presidents should not join the Meeting to give Autonomy to the newly-elected Board of Directors to conduct their meeting independently with no interference and influence from any of the Advisers. They will be consulted for Advice only when needed. Cen Amores was one of the advisers.
    Dr. Cen Amores who was insistent to go inside the meeting room. Cora said, “I politely told her, “No, Cen, sorry. Please read the Notice. We will call you when needed.” Unable to go inside the meeting room, she went to the police station with the alleged assault complain against Cora Paras.
    PCHN requested Dr. Cen Amores to give her comment but her response as of this writing,, “At this stage, I have no comment.”
    Dr. Cen Amores was recently awarded the Auburn Local Woman of the Year 2018. She was appointed one of the People of Australia Ambassadors (January to December 2012) during the term of former PM Julia Gillard.
    (Related Story on Page 2)

    To the Publisher
    Philippines Community Herald Newspaper
    Ms Evelyn Zaragosa
    Dear Evelyn,
    This is to cover the written Report/Statement to the Police I gave you after my Interview last June 18, 2018, in response to the Allegation of Assault filed against me by Cen Amores on the 20th of April 2018 . This was supposed to happen during our Officers and Directors Only Meeting on the 20/4/18 presided by Violeta Escultura, APCO President.
    Most of the Directors and members present in that Meeting ( Mick Miguel, Rita Agostino( Treasurer), Fe Hayward, Linda Trinidad, Linda Price, ( Secretary) Richard Ford (Auditor) , Violy Miguel, Dian Ford and Roberto Sacilloto willingly went with me to the Police Station to be interviewed as well.
    Untrue rumours already widely circulating around the Pilipino Community and local Organizations have reached me even before the Police confirmed and saw me about the Allegation. However, I did not react or comment about these rumours until after the Police Interview.
    To clear my name and correct these rumours ruining my reputation and character, I deemed it necessary and my right to publish the true story.
    I hope this will clear my name and APCO’s image.
    Thank you for your attention and fairness to my request.
    Truthfully yours,
    Cora Paras
    Vice President Snr.
    “On the 20th of April 2018, the officers and members of the Board of APCO, Inc. a non-profit local Filipino organization, held a meeting at Liverpool Library starting at 6:00pm.
    This meeting was approved and agreed upon by the Board as “Officers and Board of Directors’ Meeting Only”.
    A week prior to the Meeting, a Reminder/Notice was put on the APCO loop by the Public Officer that Advisers (the Past Presidents – Cen Amores, Jhun Salazar, Ruben Amores, Pet Storey and Jimmy Lopez) should not join the Meeting to give Autonomy to the newly-elected Board of Directors to conduct their meeting independently with no interference and influence from any of the Advisers. They will be consulted for Advice only when needed.
    A few days before the Meeting, Cen Amores called an Advisers’ meeting. During their meeting, majority confirmed non-attendance, respecting the “Officers and Board of Directors’ Meeting Only” except for Cen Amores who insisted to attend, “just in case.
    A list of the Directors’ names was posted outside the door of the glass-enclosed mini-Conference Room together with the Reminder/Notice that Advisers will be consulted only when needed. Jimmy Lopez came, did not come in but only informed the Directors that photo shoots for APCO’s Souvenir Programme will start with the Affiliate members. Then he left.
    Cen Amores with her husband, Ruben Amores came with the President, Violeta Escultura with 2 Board Members, Glorina and Ralph. Cen Amores and husband stayed outside the Conference Room. The President upon entering, and without greeting the Directors, asked why Advisers are not allowed to join in the Meeting – saying, Quote – “I invited them. I want them here, I am the President. This is my meeting. I want my way,” unquote.
    I, as the Vice-President Senior, reminded her of the agreed nature of the Meeting. The President insisted that they come in, saying, “No, I want them here.”
    I then put a motion to adhere to the agreed nature of the Meeting - “Officers and Board Members Meeting Only”. This was seconded by Mick Miguel, Votation followed. Eight (8) Directors voted “Yes” and three Directors voted “No”.
    Majority won but the President again ignored it and said, “No, this is my meeting”.
    At this instant, Cen Amores was approaching the door, obviously to get in, after Ralph Improgo came in to fetch a bag for the President outside the room. I was sitting near the door and stood to close but Cen Amores was insisting to get in. However, I politely told her, “No, Cen, sorry. Please read the Notice. We will call you when needed.” She was outside the door and I was inside holding on to the door knob with my left hand and locking it with my right hand. The door opens inward, so when I locked it, I couldn’t possibly touch her or physically push her as she alleged. I went back to my seat and because the President would not listen to the voice of the majority and was conducting the meeting with no decorum and in an undemocratic way, I wiih the Board’s agreement declared to walk out of the Meeting Room and wait for her to call for another meeting after.
    The Librarian then came, as we were getting ready to go out and asked how many we were in the room. We said, 11. As the room only required 8-10 persons, she said, we exceederd the number and had to vacate the room. We all went out. On the way out, a few members (not on the Board) waiting, told us that Cen Amores with her husband went to the Police Station. We all asked, “Why?” Dian Ford with Roberto and Helen, said, “Because Cora Paras pushed her.” We were all surprised as we were not aware of that incident happening. Two Directors, Charles Chan and Cora Bojarski just came (late) and saw us leaving and asked, where we’re going. We said, we’re leaving. So, we went.
    After a week, I received a phone call at 8:17pm on the 28th of April 2018 from the police station. I was asked to answer questions about the alledged assault claim against me. I said, I am not aware of such an assault and didn’t assault anyone. I am not answering any question and if he was really a Policeman, I will go to the Police Station and look for him with someone with me. He agreed.
    After a month, on the 28th May 2018, I received a message from (Info Tech Svs), Thinking it was an harassment call, I ignored it.
    On the 9th of June 2018, after 7pm, while I was out, 2 Constables went to my address and handed a card to my husband for me to call them.
    I rang the police station and we agreed to meet on Monday, 18th of June 2018, 6:30pm to give my statement and to interview some of the Board members present during the “Officers and Board Members’ Meeting only” held on the 20th April 2018

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