Happy Birthday Emily! More blessings and more birthdays! God Bless!! Happy Birthday Emily! More blessings and more birthdays! God Bless!!


My most anticipated birthday on June 30 was highlighted by a Blessing Mass offered for me and Peter by our local parish priests Fr. Tadeusz and Fr Dariusz. Our four daughters were in attendance and so were my 3 youngest grandchildren. Some friends also came for the thanksgiving mass and along with the congregation, we prayed together as one big family .
We had breakfast together with friends Tess Stephens, Juana Miranda, Zeny Sproule, Norma Fell, Marie McGregor, Maria Owen with Natalie and the children. It was a lovely breakfast at the local eatery in East Gosford, with everybody enjoying a cuppa together and happy fellowship. It was a real good morning.
By mid-day on this winter month, our family then met up at the Reef Restaurant in Terrigal for the birthday lunch. It was another treat from the girls.
It was fine dining and we will never forget. The venue was where Pier and Jason got married in February 2011. Lunch was full of nostalgia. Pier told us stories about life in Northern Ireland with Jason and his family. They are two lovebirds clearly besotted with one another. Salamat
Pier sa sorpresa mo!
A big thank you to my brother Rod, sister Faye and Ariel, Jordan and Niq, Estela, Ruby and friends and our four daughters Pier, Natalie, Portia and Elizabeth and their respective partners and family helping to make the BIG SURPRISE on June 27 at Blacktown Seniors Community Centre, an affair to remember. Around 150 friends and family were there in that hall before 5:00 pm to welcome me with a big ‘SURPRISE! This was one moment I didn’t expect at all on that Saturday.
Thank you Elsa and Ruben Collado who were so kind to “lead me on” that day to the party, first with a big treat for me at Lidcombe. Wow! Sizzling Fillo was a very welcome place for me. We had a scrumptious meal, just the 3 of us with their famous menu! I even had pampering at the Hair and Beauty Salon with Annie, making me feel special.
I was so honoured because of the presence of so many friends I have not seen for a while. How my four lovely daughters and Pete kept this from me so well was beyond belief. Thank you all for the generosity and love you have bestowed on your friend. I will always be grateful for the blessings from family and friends.
Dios ti ag-ngina. Thank you in my dialect Ilocano!
The surprise program was again possible, thank you to Rod who has used his network in the community to invite performers. Thank you to , Joel Florido, Ofelia Kasilag and her partner Damien, Loy Tagudin and the Ilocano Association singing a special Ilocano Birthday Song, and an Impromptu Salsa Dance by Pier Shilliday and Damien. How good was that. The lovely dinner was generously prepared by dear family and friends, and the short speeches from the family spot on.
Oh what a night! I am sure the spirit of our late mother and the love of two brothers Tony and Danny who were away that night, made it all possible to make this night a wonderful and successful event. I will never forget.
After two weeks, our guest/daughter Pier had to go back to Northern Ireland where she now lives, but not after meeting her husband for a quick rendezvous in the beautiful City of Dubai. Her first post when she got there last Sunday, was it was very hot hot hot and was soon enjoying a lap in the hotel’s swimming pool. Some got all the luck in the world. Adieu, Pippi.
Our AFACC’s 26th Anniversary Coronation Night has just been and gone. The lucky ladies who were involved in our Fundraising this year are Sarah Fauser, Charity Queen Ms AFACC 2015, and Her Court 1st Runner-up Jocelyn Cooper, 2nd Runner-up Lira Montgomery, 3rd Runner-up Jenalyn Macey and 4th Runner-up Lilanie Bair. These beautiful ladies were recognized on a spectacular night presented by members of the association, choreographed too by resident mentors . The grand night was attended by family, friends and supporters of the 5 young women who did a great job selling raffle tickets for our charity.
According to our President Peps Burlat, the generous attitude and their hard work, made this fundraising a success. For this year, we proudly sent this donation to GMA KAPUSO FOUNDATION. Treasurer Jun Marquez reiterated that this donation will go a long way for our deserving Kababayans who are in need of a helping hand.
School’s back and the news is grim about the weather forecast. Very cold. I went to my first class yesterday and how freezing it was just walking from the car to the classroom. Just as well we have heaters in the school. I had a great day despite. One thing good when we have to do fitness on winter days! We stayed in the school hall and modified our games according to the weather. Two classes worked together and I am sure the students enjoyed improving their running, ball games skills and teamwork. It is one of the highlight of my week being in a classroom and do my best to impart knowledge. We get lucky as teachers when we do the work we love.
Before I go, may I just share our Sunday going to the Grace Hotel to experience the Flavours of the Philippines lunch/dinner offering. Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed the different food served from entree to dessert. Pete’s eyes were so wide as he saw for the first time the display. I picked my old favourite food and spent almost two hours. I met Marilie and her friends and naturally we had some photos taken. I will definitely go again next year. The DIY halo halo I liked so much plus a small ginataan.
Remember the next Birthday Bash will be on August 22 at East Gosford Progress Hall. It will be also the AFACC RECOGNITION night. Bring it on!
Our birthday wishes to July born family and friends. Well done Naomi and Xzavier. Also to Maida Navarrete and Herman Timmerman, Carmen Maturan, Caroline Troth and many more. Take care. Shalom.

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