Key handover at Lismore Neighbourhood Centre - May King, Jenni Beetson-Mortimer, CEO-LNC, Lismore City Mayor, Jenny Dowell and Robyn Riordan Key handover at Lismore Neighbourhood Centre - May King, Jenni Beetson-Mortimer, CEO-LNC, Lismore City Mayor, Jenny Dowell and Robyn Riordan

Lismore Neigbourhood Centre

By Luz Besanes Press
All through the years, Lismore Neighbourhood Centre has faithfully serve the community of Lismore and surrounds.  Great work indeed!
Lismore Neighbourhood Centre is non-profit organisation that was formed in 1977.  It is governed by a Board

of Directors and operates a number of welfare and community capacity building program that serves in the Lismore area, the Northern Rivers Region  and the large area of the North Coast.  Its mission is "Many Tracts,

One Road, Sustaining Community".  It incorporates a Community Hub offering wide range of services.  The services offered are the following:
*  Micro finance - offers no interest loans, Step Up, Budget Counselling, Indigenous Money Mentor, Aboriginal Loans Officer
*  Volunteer Resource Centre
*  Community Hub - Information and Referral Food Bank, Showers, IT Tutoring, Community Rooms (where the International Rainbow Club, German Group and others hold their regular meetings)
*  Young Driver Assist Program
*  African Communities Volunteer on the Road Mentoring Program
*  Indigenous Homelessness Programs
*  Community Visitors Scheme
*  Child Sexual Assault Service
*  Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault Counselling Service
*  Vacation Care
*  After School Care
*  Vacation Care for Teen-agers with a Disability
I could remember so well when the Old Lismore Neighbourhood Centre was located in McKenzie Street,

which is now occupied by the Lismore Square Shopping Centre who had expanded the building to

accommodate more shopping businesses that are serving the people in the community  There was the office

of the North Coast Settlement Service Officer Mei Lin Marlin where the migrants met for lunch and chat and

other community groups too.  Then, ten years ago, they moved to the new area in Carrington Street which

was the Lismore City Library who themselves now got a new place in Magellan Street. 
At long last, they have bought the building from the Lismore City Council and the great rejoicing was

extended to the community when last June 04 (Tuesday) , the Lismore City Council had the Official Key

Hand-over Ceremony.  Politicians were there and members of the community (including Mathel and myself)

as well.  Wow! great foods catered with great wines too.  Foods and drinks has no limit.  I think everybody

had enjoyed the wonderful event.  Now, the Lismore Neighbourhood Centre owns the building.  "Buying the building had allow them to have a long term plan for the future", said Jenni Beetson-Mortimer the CEO.  The services are delivered in the regional and statewide program from the Centre in Lismore.  At the hand-over,

they also launched a new initiative called "Friends of Lismore Neighbourhood Centre" whose aim is to help

raise the necessary funds to meet the repayments.  Anyone interested, you may ring the office.  They employ

65 people and lots of volunteers who are working on dozens of programs from Ballina to Kyogle.
Congratulations! This is the new beginning of great things coming on the way.
Keep up the good work!

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