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p14-nsw-espie-3m obfac xmas2013

BFAC members and officers 2013.


p14-nsw-espie-4BFAC membersbfac xmas 20131

BFAC members


BFAC Group 2013 Christmas party was held at the Bathurst Golf Club. The place was beautiful. Overlooking the golf course in which the luscious view gave a soothing feeling and a calming effect. It was fantastic catching up with friends and meeting new, interesting and unfamiliar faces. It was terrific to see the ladies wearing beautiful dresses or gowns and the gentlemen in suites looking handsome, it is fun and exciting to dress up occasionally. Thanks to BFAC President Edna Mitchell and Deng for organizing the event as it was a great success. There was a raffle draw and a several performances including dancing and singing. BFAC members were acknowledged for their outstanding support throughout the year with gifts handed out by the BFAC president. There was lots of happy children as they were presented gifts from Santa Clause who was played by Eduarda Huelmo. It was indeed a great night, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. The food and service provided by the staff was good. Special thanks to Deng for organizing a lovely Christmas program.








p14-nsw-espie-5felys day2

Ate Fely with her daughters Jenny and Cindy and grandkids Lizbeth and William.


p14-nsw-espie-6fely651Ate Fely’s 65th birthday celebration with family and friends.

Fantastic celebration for Ate Fely’s 65th birthday surrounded by her loved ones including family and some of her closest friends. Ate Fely’s daughters Cindy and Jenny and their family were present. People who attended Ate Fely’s birthday are the following; Gizelle, Dion, Ogie and Jo Kircher, Jenny, Billa, Lizbeth, William and Grant Ferry, Cindy, Alex, Taylor and Giles Jones, Isabel and Vicor, Julie Eaga, May Isbester, Jovie Bargwanna and Espie Johnston. It was indeed a warm celebration full of love and joy. The food was beautiful and plentiful. Thanks for inviting me Ate Fely and wish you more happiness and birthdays to come.









p14-nsw-espie-1orange filipino xmas party

(l-r) Siony Smith, Esperanza Johnston, Fely Calis and Miss Cardinio.


(l-r) Cindy Jones, Siony Smith, Rogie Olac, Grethel Arat, Wilma Cardinio,

Remy Chiswell, Connie Torisi, Esperanza Johnston and Gloria.


What a wonderful celebration we had last Christmas, the ladies were all looking fabulous wearing lovely dresses, the adorable children looked very cute in their outfits and the gentlemen looked handsome in their suits.


Thanks to the Filipino group of nurses in Orange such as Rogie Olac and Leila Castillo who organized the successful event. The venue was at the ex-services club in Orange.


The Christmas party was very well organized from the start through to the end. The tables were numbered with everyone’s names on them so there was no confusion, food and service was very good.


It was an excellent venue with easy access to plenty of parking and right in the middle of CBD. The place had plenty of room for activities.


The program started after the meal, there were raffle draws for hampers and other gift prizes, followed by a group of ladies who kicked of their heels and danced. While others enjoyed watching the ladies dance others were busy catching up with friends.


Towards the end everybody joined in on the dance floor, how delightful it was to watch everyone have a wonderful time. It was indeed a great night.


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