Harmony Day 2014 Mayor John Davies of Orange and Esperanza Johnston.



Malayali Indian young dancers Devika and Meera with their Dad.


p14-nsw-espie-Malayali Indian DG

Malayali Indian Dance Group.


Harmony Day has become a significant day of the year when Australians are encouraged to celebrate the cultural diversity of our country. Harmony Day encourages people to participate in their community, to respect different cultures and religions and to foster a sense of belonging for everyone. I attended the Harmony Day recently and it was a wonderful feeling seeing people from communities of different cultures come together to celebrate a significant day.


Around 140 people attended across the afternoon and some were wearing beautiful traditional costumes so pleasing to the eye. The venue of the event was at the Odeon Cinema. The Orange City mayor John Davies was the guest speaker and before his speech I happened to be sitting next to him and had an opportunity to ask him about his vision in years to come, we discussed about jobs and businesses in town such as Electrolux a company that employs over 600 workers in which is closing in 2016 and the Cadia Valley gold mine Operation owned by Newcrest which employs over 2000 workers.


Mr John Davies is very optimistic of his views about the future of businesses and jobs in Orange. After the mayor’s speech the program began. There were several performances from different minority groups. The performers were the following; Mitch Davies with African drummers, Malayali Indian dance group which consisted of two young girls named Devira and Meera who danced beautifuly. 


p15-nsw-espie-SionySmith JulieEgea

Siony Smith and Julie Egea.


There was also three young Indian girls who performed a dance and Amy Kjollers, a solo performer who sang while playing the guitar. After the performances, we viewed 60 minutes of several short films, lasting seven to twelve minutes each. These films were all rated PG and incorporated multicultural story lines. Refreshments were provided after viewing the films which included; sushi, sweet potato balls, sandwiches, desserts, free coffee and tea. It was a very well organized event lead by Anne Galagher the migrant service support worker in Orange.


It was emceed by Grace Pereira who did an excellent job and thanks to all the performers who made it a very special day for us who attended the Harmony Day. It was indeed a wonderful day and another successful event. Thank you Anne Galagher for inviting me and I was  so proud to be part of it.


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