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What a successful event celebrating the 115th year of the Philippine Independence Day. It was a memorable day, a day to remember our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the future generations to come and we hope they will continue to practice in centuries to come. People have come as far as Temora, Forbes, Young, Orange, Blayney, Lithgow and Bathurst to join us and celebrate the event. The celebration took place on the 12th of June, 2013 at the St. Michael Church parish hall in Bathurst organized by BFAC Group.


The parish hall was beautifully decorated inside and there was a special chair with the Filipino flag as its back ground on display. You could also sit on the chair to take photos as a memento. There were several Filipino flags displayed on the wall. Finally, people came and ushered to their seats. The program started at 12:30pm and it was my privilege to be asked to be one of the hostesses and I thank you very much for trusting my ability to deliver the task upon me. We had a flag raising ceremony for both the Philippine National Anthem and the Australian national anthem followed by the newly elected president Edna Briones Mitchel welcome address. Mrs Sally Dimalaluan presented the Philippine Independence History; a brief insight into what transpired during the late 1800s and how the Philippine Independence Day was achieved. The BFAC members group sang Magkaisa, meaning to Unite or Unity.


The song itself became famous during peoples power against the dictatorship of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos who went into exile in the US with his family. At 1:30pm we stopped for a lunch. The food served on the long table looked amazing a lot of varieties and they tasted beautiful, the members brought in the food in which we all shared and enjoyed. The few ladies in charge of the kitchen were fantastic in organizing the meals. The program resumed after the lunch. The line-up of the program was excellent. BFAC dance group performed a Spanish danced called Carenosa. Next was Ariel Vicente, serenading the BFAC seniors. A talented Sherryn from Temora performed a song which was followed by Temora’s incredibly energetic dance group who performed beautifully. The thank you speech and testimonial from Norman Burns in regards to being married to a Filipina was lovely, it was a joy to hear the praise and admiration he has for his wife. The BFAC dance group performed a national folk dance called Tinikling. Members from the Couples for Christ Dance group performed another folk dance called Esperanza. 


The highlight of the night was the BFAC group performance of interpretative life of Dr Jose Rizal and the Filipinos KATIPUNERO (which was a secret society led by another Filipino hero named Andres Bonifacio). Thank you to all the people who came and joined the BFAC Group to celebrate the event and to all the members for their time, effort and great contribution to make this possible. We would also like to thank all the ladies in the kitchen for helping to organize the food in time. Everything went smoothly and accordingly. It was indeed, an enjoyable day. Special thanks to our newly elected president Edna Briones Mitchel for organizing such a beautiful and successful event. Thank you all and hopefully we will see you again next time.

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