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by Espie Johnston


Congratulations! Gary and Ann


What an exciting year for the lovely couple Ann and Garry who’s expecting their first baby in October. They have been trying to conceive for years and at last it has finally come to them. Some of Ann’s closest friends who gathered and helped to organize the baby shower party were Rogie Olac , Christy Pangilinan, Haydee Ganda and Jessie Orge. Friends of Gary and Ann’s who attended the baby shower party were the following; Remy Chiswell, Alan Jones, Cory South, Julie and Sal Eaga, David and Susan Mazak, Wilma, Siony Smith, Teresa Bersolto, Janette Buncalan-Lata, Rogie Olac, Christy Pangilinan, Mely Torres, Brenda Casido, Leah Evans, Clara and Carl Salvanera, Carol Cashen, Eva Mary Howarth and Josephine Evans.


Congratulations Gary and Ann with your baby on the way and may the lord continue to shower you both with blessings.



Garry and Ann’s friends




Happy 12th birthday Giles and Tyler Jones

Cindy Jones’ twin sons Giles and Tyler 12th birthday party was celebrated at the Ten Pin bowling club in Orange with the help of their classmates James Collet, Ben, Leith Craig, Alistair Booy, Will Mclain, Jack Craig and Macaulay. The kids played all sorts of games which were followed by ten pin bowling it was indeed a fun day. Even the two young kids enjoyed themselves the 4 year old Alex, the younger brother of Tyler, and Giles had a go at ten pin bowling as well as their cousin Bella the 3 year old adorable girl. It was fun watching the kids playing, taking turns to bowl and occasionally some of them missed the pins but they still had a lot of fun and laughter. The kids had a good time at the ten pin bowling. When the games were over refreshments and cake followed. The day was enjoyed by family and friends including, Fely Calis, Alex Jones and Cindy Jones, Lyn Ferry, Isabel Ferry and myself, Espie Johnston.



(L-R) Jones, Leith, Cindy, Giles, Tyler and Will


(l-r) 1st row: Jack, James, Leith; 2nd row: Alex, Giles, Isabel, Tyler, Will,

Ben, Hamish and Alistair; Back row: Macaulay and Cindy



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