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The Cadia Valley Operation has three separate Christmas parties this year and each party was held at the ex-services club. Excellent choice of the location being at the heart of CBD and the parking facility comes in handy.


There was only 100 people in the first round of Christmas parties. The second group will be 350 and after that it will be around 380 for the last group. Unfortunately, the mine’s operate 24/7 therefore, everyone could not make it to celebrate as one big group. The food was flowing for the entrée we had sausage rolls, pies, and chicken kebabs, prawn and spring rolls.


For the main meal a choice of a roast turkey or chicken it was good food and excellent service. The gentlemen enjoyed the drinks from the open bar provided by the company while the ladies were busy catching up with friends.


To the delight of the audience there was a magician, who have shown had some good tricks and the crowd loved it. There were a couple of times where the magician picked a couple of people from the audience to participate during his hilarious performances and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a band playing good music afterwards. Tony McPaul was the guest speaker of the night. Indeed, it was a great night everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, thank you Newcrest.




p14-nsw-espie-2BFAC donation


BFAC members (l-r) Deng, Edith Turner and Edna Mitchell.



(l-r) Rowena Perrot, Edith Turner and Edna Mitchell


BFAC had a fund raising charity for the people who were ravaged by typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. The BFAC Group sent 4 boxes of mixed clothing, food, baby nappies and toiletries.


Thanks to LBC who provided the transport to the Philippines and delivered to the Red Cross in Tacloban City. BFAC had collected $600 dollars during the quiz night charity for the member’s family who were badly affected by the monster typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.


The money collected will be sent directly to the member’s family to help them out. We would like to thank the following names of who sorted out and packed the boxes led by Edna Mitchell the president of BFAC group and with the help of the following members Maribel Janssen, Rowena Perrot and Edith Turner.


We also want to thank the lovely couple Anthony and Denney who took the boxes to LBC in Sydney. Thank you all for your generous support and thanks to our BFAC group for supporting our member’s family in the Philippines, well done.


107.5fm Christmas party 2013





It was my first time to attend the 107.5fm Christmas party and for the first time I have finally met all the presenters of 107.5fm the local radio station in Orange. Some of the presenters live in Katoomba who travel over an hour to do their program in Orange and they have been doing it for over 10 years but they don’t mind doing it because they enjoy and love what they are doing, helping the community as this is voluntary work.


Some of the presenters are on air for one hour, some two and others 3 hours. The newly elected president of 107.5fm Matthew Bryant has shown full enthusiasm and quickly made some changes in the radio, his new approach is like a fresh breath of air.


The 107.5 is now broadcasting the news, sports and weather reports at the beginning of the program which has added a new element to the programme. Thanks to one of the sponsors, Mr David Shearing, for his generosity in sponsoring the news and sports broadcasts.

Our Christmas venue was at the Waratah Sports club, we had a Chinese buffet for dinner in which it cost twenty dollars per head. The food and the service was good. 


Another successful fund raising for 107.5fm. This time we had the fund raising in front of new IGA shop recently opened along Summer Street. On behalf of 107.5fm I would like to thank IGA for the generous support. The IGA provided the meat, sausages, steak, bread and soft drinks during the fund raising.



(l-r) Espie Johnston and Leslie Bryant


It was organized by Matthew Bryant the newly elected president of 107.5fm this is the second time he had organized such an event and all the proceeds go to the radio station to help pay the bills and keep it on the air. Members who came out to support the charity were Leslie Bryant, Espie Johnston, Rolly Tandang, Dorothy and David.

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