FELIX CERVANTES CARAO, originally from Tondo, Manila, Philippines is a tall, fair and handsome gentleman who heads the Allskils & Migration Services Pty. Ltd. in Australia with head office in Melbourne, Liaison Office in Perth and an NT office - opposite the Department of Immigration in Cavenagh Street, Darwin, NT Australia and the Philippines Office in Manila with Carmel Carao as the Branch Manager.



Felix Carao

The opening of his office in Darwin few months ago was most welcomed by many Filipinos who hold a tempoprary 457 visa and whose consuming desire is to stay permanently in Australia and enjoy a good, peaceful and satisfying life. The estblishment of his office in Darwin gave them more hope and assurance to achieve and live their dream.

During the last Filipino Barrio Fiesta in Darwin held at the Filipino Community Center on 31 August, 2013, the stall where Felix and his Staff distributing leaflets and business cards was swamped by Filipinos enquiring about the services. You could see their friendly faces nicely accommodating everyone in their queries and that their would be clients went away happy and contented. They were determined to see him again and hire his excellent services.

Someone who was with a group at the Fiesta openly commented while glancing at the leaflet and Felix’s card, “I think he is the best there is among the Migration agents I have spoken to. He speaks honestly and with sincerity. He charges no consultation fee on the spot and the Service fees he charges later on while processing the papers are affordable. That’s truly commendable!” A gleam of hope shown brightly on their faces as they walked away from the stall and headed towards the entertainment area.

When I heard of the good comments of people who required his services and the many Filipinos whom he successfully helped to migrate to Australia since 2009, I eagerly went to see Felix Carao, introduced myself and offered him the chance to be interviewed. Without any hesitation, he accepted the offer and after the Barrio Fiesta we met at his plush office at Shop 2, Air Raid Arcade 35 in Cavenagh Street where the interview was conducted. There was an atmosphere of pleasant camaraderie and I felt inspired to interview this man with in-depth knowledge of Australian Immigration Law, International recruitment procedures and business management experience who came as a great relief to many overseas Filipino workers in Darwin wanting to acquire permanency in Australia.

“Thank you for your time, Felix, and I’m pleased to have your unique inspirational life story published. I looked at him listening ardently. He nodded his head, smiled and thanked me for the honor nd privilege to have his life story featured.
“Can you tell me how your company Allskills Recruitment & Migration Services Pty. Ltd. is able to help both our Filipino Kababayans and the Australian employers boast their businesses?”

“We specialize in promoting the Filipino worker, through Talent pool, who could very well be a competitive advantage in the Australian businesses. Demonstrating a good command of the English language, coupled with unique adaptability, unwavering loyalty and dedication to their jobs, the Filipino worker has a proven track record of being one of the most sought after workers by employers worldwide. We find the right individual to match the Employers requirements”.

While talking, his face radiated a semblance of appreciation and due respect for the Filipino virtues, moral values and their dedication to their jobs. Felix further explained that given today’s labour market conditions, many Australian employers are finding it necessry to recruit qualified staff from overseas to fill up critical vacancies. Allskills offers an integrated Recruitment and Migration Service in which the company takes care of all necessary steps to bring the right skills into the Australian businesses.

“How do you handle all the documentary requirements required by the Department of Immigration to successful overses Filipino applicants who come to work in Australia?”

“Our Allskills recruitment and Migration services will handle all the documentary complince requirements of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Agency (DIAC). These requirements are tedious and time consuming but are necessary to safeguard both Australian businesses and Filipino workers.”

When it comes to sourcing, Felix Carao mentioned that his company has incredibly deep pool of suitably qualified professionals and highly skilled trades people to draw from, including candidates for positions requiring specific set and specialisation. They can cast wide net or be industry targeted to source the right candidate for the Australian businesses needs.

As to assessments and selection, Allskills go through comprehensive evalution process to assess the qualifications and suitability of candidates with reference to Australian standards. From the shortlisted candidates the company offers the option to either interview them in person or remotely through skype to facilitate the selection and the employment offer.

Regarding settlement and orientation, Allskills can arrange to meet the new employee at the Airport, organize tempory accommodation and provide them with cultural as well as OH&S orientation to help them settle in and adapt to their new environment. Allskills can even tailor new employee induction programme to highlight the Australian safety standards and practices.

“What’s the goal of your Migration business and how did you help Filipinos to migrate to Australia as a Migration Agent? “Since 2009, I have already helped many Filipinos to migrate to Australia as a Migration Agent. I considered this to be rich blessings from GOD for being honest to my clients, fair and considerate in dealing with them and never cheated them by charging extra fees that are not fair which surely can cause big burdens to them. My business has got a heart and with a mission to help those needing help.”



Felix Carao with Fele Mann

When he said that, I suddenly thought of some irate clients handled by others who sadly thought they have been overcharged and still are waiting for a long time now for the approval of their application for permanency. I felt strong compassion for them. To my mind, Felix is God-sent to those clients who are struggling financially but are well qualified to become permanent in Australia based on good merits. When Felix said that his business has got a good heart I readily discerned what he meant - he was destined to serve honestly and not to acquire ill gotten wealth by taking advantage of his clients who deserve justice and fair dealings. I dearly wished in my heart there should be more MigrationAgents like him.

Felix Carao III, holds graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law at Victoria University in Melbourne, registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), a member of the Migration Alliance (MA), a qualified Education Counsellor, a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management Engeenering. He also has 20 years business management experience in the manufacturing, construction, automotive repair and advertising industries and an accredited recruitment professional and a bona fide member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA).

“Now Felix, I want to ask personal questions about your life. You have obviously succeeded in your Migration Business having helped so many Filipinos and their families to migrate to Australia and achieve their dreams for better and prosperous life. Please tell me about yourself, your family, your job in the Philippines before you migrated to Australia.
“Wow, good questions!” his face brightened while he laughed heartily. “ This is your good opportunity also to testify God’s many rich blessings to you and in return for His blessings how you show your gratitude to Him” I asked with smiles while he was thinking how and what to answer first.

I listened intently while he enthusistically detailed his personal life. He was born in Tondo, Manila in 1962 and his present address is in White Plains in Quezon City. He spent his Elementary and High School at the Collegio de San Agustin in Makati from 1980 - 1984. He received a Degree in Industrial Management and Engineering at the De La Salle University. Felix adored his loving and caring parents - Felix Carao, Jr. - which makes him then Felix Carao III and his Mum, Carmel Cervantes Carao. He has 5 siblings - Winston, Cheryl, Ruth, Robert and Caedo who are all successful in their chosen careers. Felix had a Business in Advertising and Construction in the Philippines before he migrated to Australia on General Skill Migration as a Senior Manager in 2005.

Felix is happily married to an intelligent, devoted and vivcious lady - Analie Tabada Carao, who used to work in the Philippines as Finance Manager in Advertising & Construction Tetra Industries in Taguig City. Felix describes her as a loving and dedicated wife and a devoted mother of their 4 children. She also has an obssessive compulsion to cleanliness . At present she works in Migration Admin Office. Their children -Felix Carao IV, , a Production Engineer in Adelaide, Christine Carao, , who studied Law at the University of Latrobe in Melbourne, Rica, a Graphic Artist, studying Viscual Communication and Carlos Carao V is a year 9 student in Melbourne.

“Do you want to share us your trials, difficulties and problems encountered during your stay in Australia or was it smooth sailing all the way through?” “ Oh no, lots of them but I didn’t mind because they taught me good lessons in life. When I migrated as Senior Manager, the work I expected was not on the same level so I didn’t get the job. I had to look for other means to survive; I worked as Pizza delivery driver, part time kitchen hand in the afternoon and at the weekend started to build up my Migration Recruitment business. I had to work part time in the business and at night time as a taxi driver. It wasn’t easy but I had to be extra patient in order to survive. I put myself in God’s hands as I knew He was always there for me”

Felix forbearance paid off beautifully as he focused his original goal or target to achieve. His business boomed and he began to bring many skilled workers to Australia and many of them succeeded in their permanent residency along with their families. They gratefully acknowledged and thank GOD for their good fortune and happily called Australia their HOME.

On the subject of religion Felix said that he is a devoted Protestant who always finds time for prayers. He thanked GOD for being a great help to him in all his trials while making a living. In return for many God’s blessing to him he always helped our Filipino Kababayans needing help, especially when he lived in Adelaide from 2005 -2009.

During typhoon ONDOY Felix and his wife and their friends did a big fundraising for the victims and sent the proceeds through TINA MONSON PALMA of ABS-CBN. He visits the Philippines twice a year for the business and usually his contact office in Manila is busy. The good news that he loves to spread around to everyone he comes in contact with is that everywhere in Darwin, 100% of all the businessed he approached hired many Filipinos from the Philippines. Filipino skilled tradesmen are very well sought for they are loyal, hardworking, dedicated and they stick to their employers.

Felix message to all readers, “To the teenagers, study hard and aim to succeed. Live your dreams and those who want to come to Australia, my advice is to get your skills in the trade like - welding, mechanic, electrician, carpenter, boilermaker and painter. In Australia, tradesmen earn more and have many job opportunities because Australia has so many businesses. You also have greater chances to get your families out of poverty and hardships and live a life worth living!


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