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Recently, I visited a friend who just had an operation to remove his cancerous thyroid glands. He does not smoke or drink and has a fairly good diet and yet one day he woke up feeling a lump on the left side of the neck. It is good that it was encapsulated so the cancer was well contained.

After the surgical removal of his thyroids, radiotherapy followed but a follow up scan showed that there are still cancerous cells in the area. The medical specialist reassured him that since the effect of the radiotherapy extends up to six months from when it was done, chances are that all the cancer cells would be wiped out in time.

Of course, my friend had reservations about a complete cancer cure in that time frame. What if one or two malignant cells survive and the cancer spread to the rest of his body? Obviously, no one can give a 100% guarantee that it will never recur. How many times have you heard of cases wherein patients have been told that everything is clear only to find out later on that the cancer is still there?

So my friend asked for advice on what can be done naturally to deal with cancer. Actually, he did not have to ask me if he really wanted to look for natural anti-cancer remedies. The internet is full of educational information along these lines. In fact, you can spend the whole day researching for complementary anti-cancer remedies and still have an incomplete information on it. It is not the lack of information that is the problem but the overwhelming volume of data and reports that may easily render the research daunting and confusing.

It is not hard for me to give such information on the top of my head being a health care practitioner. And I did just that, enumerating things that he can take and do to decrease the odds of his thyroid cancer returning with a vengeance. Then I realize that giving such information verbally is not enough or ideal. What if the cancer program that I suggested to him is not backed with scientific evidence? How can he know for sure that what he is getting is truly safe and effective?

What I should have done was to recommend an excellent source of vital information on natural remedies. Then I remember a good book that covers quite a few natural remedies for a variety of medical diseases. I reckon that it is a good start in anybody’s quest for needed information on natural healing regimens. The book is “The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments” by David Allen, president of Medical Research Associates in the U.S. Here is just a few samples of proven natural remedies that we may never know at all if not for Mr. Allen.

A $200 “Cure” for AIDS / HIV. There’s a patented low-voltage device that stops the AIDS virus dead in its tracks. This is validated by doctors at a prestigious college of medicine -- and published in Science News. The expensive version of this device costs thousands of dollars per treatment. But a university physics professor developed an inexpensive “in-home” device that accomplishes similar results. This alternative device costs only $200, and is safe for home use. (See pp. 138-139)

A Seven-Time Nobel Prize Nominee Cures Cancer With 2 Common Household Items. A German-born biochemist, who was the world’s leading expert on lipid biochemistry, and a 7-time Nobel Prize nominee, pioneered a simple protocol for cancer treatment and prevention. It is based on the use of small amounts of 2 inexpensive food substances combined together in specific proportions. Numerous independent clinical studies published in major medical journals worldwide have confirmed these 2 food items provide a powerful and effective means of treating even the most advanced cancers. (See pp. 60-61)

A once-skeptical oncologist became a believer, and reported in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients that he was initially in disbelief, but was later convinced that “cancer is easily curable” using this method. One can’t deny the compelling evidence that shows that this method saved 90% of the German doctor’s terminal cancer patients from certain death. (See pp. 60-62)

An Infra-Red Helmet That Has a 90% Success Rate in Halting the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. There’s a space-age helmet that uses new “light beam” technology to reverse Alzheimer’s when used 10 minutes a day! A study conducted at a British university proves this helmet works in as little as 30 days to halt the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease -- and restore memory. This totally safe and painless device yielded amazing results in 90% of patients tested. (See pp. 19-20)

An Extremely Potent Anti-Inflammatory Breakthrough Does Wonders for Arthritis Sufferers. Over 3 decades of painstaking research has led to the development of an anti-inflammation remedy that reduces swollen joints by 79%! The anti-arthritic marine lipids derived from a New Zealand mollusk have been tested extensively at the University of Queensland in Australia -- and the results are quite dramatic! The stabilized, highly purified lipids, now available to the public, were shown to have 200 times the anti-inflammatory power of even the most potent fish oil. And the lipid formula is also non-toxic and produces no side effects. (See pp. 27-28)

An Herb That Virtually Eradicates Heart Disease.
FACT: Every 25 seconds, an American will have a coronary event. According to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. -- not cancer, not diabetes, not some exotic disease. But there’s an herb that has been used overseas to treat over 15,000 cardiac patients over a 20-year period -- and there has been no recurrence of their disease! (See pp. 78-79)

Have you heard of Mobicosa or Lyprinol? It is nothing but the potent anti-arthritic formulation extracted from New Zealand mollusc mentioned above. I’ve been recommending this natural product to my patients since the 1990’s. Guess what, I haven’t heard anyone complain about its effectiveness. On the contrary, the feedback that I get from my patients strongly favours the use of this NZ mussel-derived pill on a regular basis for arthritis control. And as stated above, the evidence for its use is not just anecdotal but scientific (University of Queensland research).

What about medical doctors, what are some of their comments about Mr. Allen’s medical breakthrough encyclopedia? Let us consider the view of 2 doctors on this highly-revealing book.

“The two sections of The Encyclopedia that I found the most fascinating are the ones on cancer and cardiovascular disease. I have a very personal interest in cancer not only because I have some very close colleagues who treat cancer patients, but my wife developed cancer some six years ago ... We’re using some of the suggestions found in The Encyclopedia to help her avoid further surgery and further progression.

“I really believe that this encyclopedia should be found in every person’s home as a reference book for any kind of problem they might face... You have to take control of your own health. The body can heal itself. The doctors don’t heal you. It’s you healing yourself. But you’ve got to have the right tools, and this tool is a tremendous tool to help you take control of your own health.” Richard Simmons, M.D., Associate Professor, Ohio State University School of Medicine.

“I keep a copy [of The Encyclopedia] in each one of my patient rooms, and it often helps my patients find out more about what’s going on with them, or even suggest a treatment modality ... They will often find some information that can help a family member or someone they know when they’ve been told there’s no hope, there’s no answers. Then they find out , hey, I’m not boxed in.


“The book is much quicker than looking all over the internet for information and, the amount of information that’s in the book ... you could not possibly find it on the internet. There’s no way to short-cut it. [The Encyclopedia has] that much in it.

“Your health, my health, is our most important asset. It’s something that we have to protect. And protecting it can be expensive. They say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure” and that is more important now than perhaps any other time ... because our economy isn’t that good. If you can do something to prevent an illness or if you can find a relatively inexpensive way to treat a problem, it’s well worth the effort. The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs has a storehouse of knowledge of ways to treat things that most physicians are completely in the dark about.” Charles C. Adams, MD.

I made a mistake by not telling my friend at the start about this health encyclopaedia. Having it in your hands, reading it and applying the appropriate suggestions could make a difference between robust health and untimely death. If you are scared of trying natural remedies because of the wrong notion that they are unscientific, this encyclopaedia will help to clear your doubts. And hopefully, you might have the courage to try the remedy suited to your particular medical condition.

Dr. Arthur M. Echano is an integrative medical practitioner down under. Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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