CANCER CURE: You can do it at home with these 6 over-the-counter secrets!

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•Irma’s deadly throat tumor disappeared with one special protein—30 years later she was still cancer-free!
•Mark beat brain cancer with a single nutrient-rich liquid drink. See how it outperformed his chemo!
•Frank healed his prostate cancer completely with the help of a tropical fruit extract!

Could it really be this easy? Yes

It took 39 years, but I’ve discovered how you can naturally cure most cancers at home for a fraction of the cost of chemo —and without the horrible side effects

The news I’m going to tell you enrages most American doctors. Nothing makes them more furious than the fact that alternative remedies not only work -- they often work at home without a doctor’s help!

Dear Friend,
“It’s cancer.” Two of the most frightening words you could ever hear your doctor say.
After coping with the shock, most of us would find the very best doctor we can and follow his treatment plan to the letter. After all, he went to school for 13 years, he’s the cancer expert, right?
Believe it or not...

You can treat cancer more successfully than most doctors!
It’s true. While conventional doctors are undoubtedly experts in chemo, radiation and surgery (the only treatments taught in most medical schools), these are not the safest, most effective ways to cure most cancers.

Sure, they can beat back the cancer for a while, but these treatments also poison your whole body, especially your immune system. They weaken your body’s natural defenses just when you need them most. 


That’s why you see cancer patients get far sicker after starting chemo or radiation than they do with the cancer— they lose their hair, vomit, and get all sorts of infections. Many patients decide they’d rather die than go through it a second time – and that’s exactly what they choose to do.

If all that misery actually cured cancer it might be worth it – but most of the time it doesn’t! These treatments fail more often than they succeed!

That’s right, after our loved ones have suffered for months on end and paid an average of $350,000 for conventional treatments, over 55% of the most feared cancers come back again according to researchers at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center.

So how come you’re hearing that chemo, radiation
and surgery are the way to cure cancer?
I’ll tell you the reason for this long-running myth in a moment, but first, I want you to know the important truth...

You don’t need these scary, poisonous and expensive treatments to cure cancer. You can get rid of cancer naturally, safely and permanently. And you can do it in your own home for a fraction of the cost of conventional treatments.
In fact, except for diagnostic testing, with most cancers you don’t even need a traditional hospital at all! A perfect example is Irma...

“30 years later, I’m still cancer free!” reports Irma

When Irma was diagnosed with throat cancer in her early 50’s, she told me how she followed her doctor’s orders and had a surgeon remove part of her vocal cord. Then she underwent chemo. Everything was fine for awhile, but six years later the cancer came back.

This time, doctors said, they would have to cut out her entire larynx, leaving her unable to speak. And they said if she refused surgery, the growing tumor would eventually block her airway. She’d literally be unable to breathe – she’d choke to death!

These horrible treatments didn’t work the first time, Irma recalled wondering, so why would I go through more of that again?

Irma refused surgery and “horrible” chemo

Instead, she found a natural cancer remedy she could take on her own, without suffering any side effects. Turns out, this was the best decision of her life...

In just six weeks, Irma’s voice was clear, the inflammation in her throat had disappeared and most important—the tumor was shrinking! Here’s what she told me...

“I felt much better and decided to show my family doctor how I was coming along. When he looked down my throat, he was amazed to see that the redness was gone and the tumor had shrunk.”

By the time I interviewed Irma, 30 years had passed without any cancer recurrence. She was in her mid 80’s, sharp as a tack and surprisingly full of energy. Yet the aggressive tumor was supposed to have killed her decades before. And she beat it without dangerous chemo, radiation or even surgery!

Irma cured her deadly throat cancer by taking a special protein at home!
While this protein isn’t like the one you eat for dinner, it’s just as safe, affordable and almost as easy to use. You’ll learn how in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

The report is brand new, but this natural cancer fighting protein has actually been around for decades. It’s backed by more than 50 years of clinical use, yet it was discovered by sheer accident...

It happened during World War II, while Dr. Walter Kuhlmey studied blood sugar. He was testing proteins to find a new source of insulin for diabetics.

Unfortunately, his experiments failed. But one type of protein had an impressive effect – it made patients feel really energetic! Since it was a harmless food extract, Dr. Kuhlmey even started taking it himself.

One day, a colleague asked to give the protein to a woman with advanced pancreatic cancer. Her tumor was larger than a hen’s egg (yeech!) and she was expected to die within days. Dr. Kuhlmey’s colleague thought this “energizing” protein might ease the patient’s suffering during her final hours on earth. But when the woman started taking it something astounding happened...

The “incurable” pancreatic cancer disappeared!
Although she wasn’t expected to live another week, this woman began feeling better—and survived another three years! Even more amazing, when doctors autopsied her body they found her pancreas was cancer-free—she had died of a completely different cause!

I repeat, the advanced pancreatic cancer was gone. That’s impossible by traditional medical standards, yet it happened in documented research with an all-natural protein.

Since then, Dr. Kuhlmey’s protein capsules have cured thousands of cancer patients.

I’ve talked to many of these cancer survivors like Irma. And they reported feeling surprisingly well during their at-home treatment, without suffering any sickening side effects like you experience with conventional treatments.

But if you get cancer, your doctor won’t give you this amazing protein
And not because of his concerns over safety. After decades of rigorous clinical trials, this protein has tested perfectly safe— even at levels 50 times those necessary to kill cancer.

It isn’t expensive either. While conventional treatments cost a fortune, one bottle of these protein capsules cost $79. And yet your doctor won’t even tell you about it!

Don’t blame him, blame the American cancer industry!

Drug companies and hospitals make billions of dollars a year from their risky conventional cancer treatments. And our loved ones are going through hell while big corporations fill their own pockets...

Six months of chemo can cost $50,000 or more... A five week course of radiation can cost $60,000 on up... And a single surgery to remove a tumor can set you back $40,000 or more...

Now, imagine what would happen if it was revealed that you could cure your own cancer for mere dollars, while you’re at home, and without suffering side effects?

The multi-billion dollar cancer industry
would come crashing down like a house of cards!

Drug companies and hospitals would lose billions. They must continue to perpetuate the myth that conventional treatments cure cancer because their profits depend on it.

Those rare times when a well-meaning doctor champions these natural cancer remedies, the cancer industry attacks. Doctors who dare speak up are hounded by the FDA and the medical authorities...

Alternative cancer doctors are even threatened with jail!

It’s a reason why, almost four decades ago, I put away my stethoscope and closed up my medical practice. My name is Dr. Morton Walker. For the past 39 years I’ve been investigating the claims and discoveries in alternative medicine and sharing my findings with health conscious people like you.

I’ve published 80 books – and 3,000 articles – on all aspects of alternative medicine. I don’t manufacture or sell supplements or remedies.

There’s only one thing I’m interested in, and that’s reporting important health news to you as honestly as I can. And today, I have some very important health news...

Hundreds of thousands have cured their own cancers, and now you can too

In my new special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, I’ll show you how to cure cancer at home with six affordable natural remedies your doctor can’t tell you about—including this special protein supplement!
These remedies have helped cancer sufferers around the world beat their disease without side effects and without fear. Their potency is shocking cancer patients, their families and friends, even many close-minded conventional doctors!
“What are you doing scuba diving? You’re supposed to be dead!”
Rev. Ken Walker was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 67 and the clergyman thought the news couldn’t get any worse. Then, his doctor told him that he had an especially deadly type of bone cancer! It was devouring the bones of his skull, his spine and his legs. As he told me later...
“I had this terrible bone pain in my head, spine, ribs, and all over,” Rev. Walker recalls. “I felt just terrible pain and needed to sleep all the time to escape it. I took pain pills and assorted sleeping pills.”

Ken’s oncologist (cancer specialist) said the disease would kill him in three months if he didn’t submit to chemotherapy. Even if he consented to chemo, the doctor cautioned, he might not live for more than a year. He was a dead man, the only question was when. But then an amazing thing happened...

Ken defied the odds – not to mention his doctor
Ken couldn’t imagine enduring the additional discomfort of chemo. So he began taking a new kind of nutritional supplement that he found to cure his cancer. His doctor called him crazy. But 20 months later, it was his doctor who looked crazy!

Ken was healthy again. And this “dead man” went scuba diving in Aruba! In Ken’s own words...
“Today, this same oncologist advises me that if I was visiting him for the first time, he would not suspect cancer had ever been present,”Then Ken declared...

“The treatment I researched on my own saved me”

Let me stress, Ken took nothing but this new kind of nutritional supplement that you’ll read about in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. No chemo, no radiation and no surgery. Except for tests, he didn’t even go to the hospital!

Ken and Irma are just two of hundreds of patients who prove conventional medical wisdom on curing cancer is just plain wrong.

You can cure your cancer naturally, on your own. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first time you’ve had the disease, the second or even the third.

If you still have your doubts, please keep reading because one of these natural cancer remedies could save your life one day. Just ask Allen G...

After years of chemotherapy, Allen G.’s doctor left him for dead...

Allen G. had endured six years of chemotherapy, when his doctor said his case was hopeless. The chemo was no longer working and Allen’s liver cancer was inoperable because the tumor was wrapped around a vital blood vessel.
As Allen told me, he didn’t believe it. But the doctor said “Well, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to cancer. I’m a scientist.” Allen shot back, “Yes, but you’re not God!”

Refusing to give up, Allen began a long, painstaking search for a natural therapy to save his life. When he found a mushroom extract backed by nearly 400 studies he knew he had to give it a try. Allen ordered the powder (which costs as little as $50) and began taking it at home.

Amazingly, Allen’s “hopeless” liver tumor shrank 90 percent!

Not long after Allen started taking the extract that you’ll read about in my special report, he started feeling better. He also began using other natural remedies to strengthen his immune system.


Four years later Allen was healthy again. His deadly tumor shrank to ten percent of its original size. His CEA cancer marker fell more than two-thirds, from 296 to 97.9.

And he’s not the only one who used this mushroom extract to defeat a “hopeless” cancer.


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