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CANCER CURE: You can do it at home with these 6 over-the-counter secrets! Part 3
Fortune 500 Exec watched his prostate cancer disappear in 120 days!

A Fortune 500 executive, let’s call him “Frank”, was diagnosed with a prostate tumor. He was considering radiation and surgery until he heard how these conventional treatments could leave him incontinent and impotent.

Instead, Frank used his connections to find Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, an alternative doctor, who recommended he begin taking this tropical fruit extract at home.

It was Dr. Kaltsas who told me how Frank took the extract daily, along with four other immune boosters you’ll read about in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. When 120 days had passed, Frank went to see his urologist for another biopsy.

The urologist couldn’t believe it—the prostate tumor had disappeared!

Not believing the results, the urologist performed a second test, a sonogram so he could see the entire prostate. The results confirmed it—Frank’s prostate was completely free of tumors!

And tests show this tropical fruit extract is totally safe

Decades of clinical use—and two thousand years of historical use— reveal this tropical fruit extract is without side effects or dangerous risks. What’s more, capsules of this tropical fruit extract (or the actual juice) are widely available for under $50.

You’ll get everything you need to know in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

These natural cancer remedies I’m telling you about have saved countless lives, but if you tell most conventional doctors about it they’ll call it quackery! And they label alternative doctors like Dr. Kaltsas charlatans!

If that’s not bad enough, many go so far as to explain the surprising recoveries of Frank, Mark and Irma as “spontaneous” remissions (cures).

Spontaneous remission? My foot!

Natural cancer remedies have been curing cancers for thousands of years. Long before the Polynesians discovered that tropical fruit extract, other plants and nutrients were used by the legendary “Father of Medicine.”

I’m talking about Hippocrates who lived in Ancient Greece in 440 B.C. He once famously said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” And he’s probably rolling over in his grave at the mere thought of the barbaric cancer treatments medicine is inflicting on cancer sufferers today!

Burning, cutting, poisoning —why go through torture? Especially when Hippocrates was right, food may be all you need to cure cancer...

What four out of five “spontaneous” remissions have in common!


In one study of cancer patients who experienced spontaneous remission, more than four out of five had changed their diet! 87 percent of them, to be exact. (And 65 percent of them took nutritional supplements!) You can “eat” cancer right out of your body

And in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work you’ll get an entire chapter devoted to a famous diet plan that’s saved thousands of lives over the last 70 years, as reported by many witnesses.

You’ll discover how the program worked for Gerald, who was 54 when his doctor told him he had a malignant melanoma – the most serious type of skin cancer. Within ten days after the diagnosis, the disease had spread to 20 or 30 spots on his chest and back. Doctors told him his case was basically hopeless.
A year after starting the special diet, Gerald was cancer-free

Fourteen years after his diagnosis he was still alive, with no sign of a return of the melanoma. He credited this diet with saving his life.

That’s right, by using little more than food from your own kitchen you can send cancers of all stages into remission—even terminal cancers!

The alternative M.D. credited with discovering this diet in the 1940’s claimed an incredible 30 percent rate of remission in his terminal cancer patients. These were “hopeless” cancer patients who didn’t respond to chemo, radiation or surgery. They were left in hospitals to die!

Yet, 30 percent of them went home and went into complete remission by simply changing their diet!

While early stage cancers are being nixed at rates of up to 90 percent!

You’ll read all about this remarkable diet in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. It’s well-known to “cancer activists” and doctors who use alternative treatments. But few Americans outside this small circle know anything about it. Yet it’s a famous approach and nearly every successful cancer treatment program makes use of this dietary breakthrough in one form or another.

And when I say “successful” cancer treatment programs I mean the non-conventional ones, because those are the ones that work.

If you start the diet when your cancer is in the early stages, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of beating the disease. A whopping 90 percent of cancer patients who try this diet in early stage cancers make a full recovery—90 percent!

What’s more, many cancer patients feel wonderful after they start eating this way. Many survivors told me how they experienced less joint pain, fatigue, and digestive problems, so much so that they still follow the diet even though their cancer went into remission years ago!

I hope you’re starting to see how easily you can safely cure your own cancer and keep it from coming back again. There are hundreds more stories just like this of cancer patients using these natural remedies to cure their own cancers. Even conventional doctors...

When doctors get cancer, where do many turn first?

They don’t turn to chemo or radiation, but to these very same natural cancer remedies you’ll read about in my special report..(TO BE CONTINUED)


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