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(l-r) Bernadette Manthey, Sennie Masian, Jose Mari Chan, Mary Anne Chan and Nikki Lagrito (l-r) Bernadette Manthey, Sennie Masian, Jose Mari Chan, Mary Anne Chan and Nikki Lagrito

Meet and Greet with Jose Mari Chan at Mina’s Restaurant

by Jean "Nikki" Lagrito

A delightful evening of "Meet and Greet" for songwriter/singer, Jose Mari Chan was held at Mina's Restaurant in Campbelltown on the 27th of October 2012.

Mina's Restaurant owners, Edith & Albert Massey were pleased to cater for Jose Mari Chan, his wife, Mary Anne and  more than 100 guests who were delighted to see the popular songwriter/singer.

Filipino cuisines were served and enjoyed by all the guests however they also serve a mixture of Thai, Malaysian, and Vietnamese delicacies upon request.

Local singers  Gilda Pagaduan, Sandy Alcazar, Tiara Nyuzo and Jessica Manthey rendered their songs to the delight of the audience. Songwriter/singer Jose Mari Chan was impressed by  their performances He was pleased to listen and watch a non-Tagalog speaking  Jessica Manthey who beautifully interpreted  his song, "Hahanapin Ko".                                                                                                       

Many of his avid fans were able to ask questions not only about his career       

but also his personal life. One asked: "If you had the chance to change any of your songs, which one would you change?" Jose answered: "I wouldn't change any of it because for me they're like my kids that each one has a distinct characteristic to it."

Being able to meet and greet a reputable icon in the music industry gave individuals an opportunity to express their gratitude towards Jose Mari Chan for his songs that touched their hearts during the past decades. Jose Mari Chan has been in the industry for more than 40 years enabling him to be highly regarded as one of the prestigious songwriter/singer of all time especially by the Filipino community.

His song,  "Christmas in Our Hearts" is to be released soon, which is in time for the Christmas season. 


         JMC-3p41IMG 9351                    JMC-4p41IMG 9357

        (l-r) Nikki, Mary Anne Chan, Zyra Bacani and Jessica Manthey                              Mary Anne Chan, Merlene So and Evelyn Zaragoza


           JMC-5p41IMG 3821                           nikki-2Jose Mari ChanIMG 3823

                 Mina's Restaurant owners: Albert & Edith Massey                                     Edith & Albert Massey with their chefs - Mina's Restaurant

                                          with Jose Mari Chan




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