Tea Vs Coffee.

Tea Vs Coffee.

You may be firmly one or the other, or an indulger in both but the tea
Vs coffee debate is a well-established one in homes and offices all over
the world.

The British are firmly associated with tea; tea drinking, tea sets and
Her Majesty, The Queen, who is a solid "afternoon tea" enthusiast with
Darjeeling, the "champagne" of tea being her blend of choice.

Did you know?

Tea and its popularity hit in the 1700s when the nations favourite
beverage of choice was gin, thankfully it outranked and remains more
popular to this day.

In America, New York City is leading the coffee frenzy, they reportedly
drink up to seven times more coffee than other cities in the US.

The term "cup of Joe" was coined from the GI Joes during world war II,
who drank coffee to boost morale.

Again this hit in the 1700s, in the US the beverage of choice was beer,
because brewed water was cleaner than non-brewed. Then everyone ditched
the alcohol for a boiled caffeinated beverage instead.

However, neither are the most caffeinated country, the unlikely caffeine
junkies are those hailing from Scandinavia and surrounding regions who
are hacking through a staggering 400 milligrams per person, per day on
average and that's mainly coffee.

Both drinks have pros and cons depending on who you believe about health
benefits and possible risks, caffeine does come with an overdose limit
and drinking too much of either can build up tolerance.

So maybe switch back to plain old water occasionally, to give your
system time to cleanse the caffeine.

with Eric C. Maliwat / caffesociety.co.uk

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