ACBPS Mens Team is 2014 NSW Police Games Basketball Champions

p43-sport-mon-12014 Police Games MENS Champion ACBPS CUSTOMS NEWS

2014 Police Games MENS Champion ACBPS CUSTOMS NEWS


The ACBPS Mens team had a difficult time assembling a crew for the 2014 NSW Police Games due to injuries and baby commitments from its mainstays. Playing coach Raymond Policarpio [CC&A] had to rely on seven men to play 6 games in the one-day tournament by pacing their playing time and had only hoped to replicate their 2013 runner-up finish.

The first game saw the ACBPS Blue unit collapse under the defending champions NSW Hills District Police outside shots, 39-52, as ex-NBL Sydney Kings player Dave Pollard asserted his might on the boards.

In the second game, the ACBPS squad erected an early lead as they scuttled the mixed group champions NSW Police Detectives squad, 53-41, for its first win behind the torrid shooting of its triumvirate of Jason Zacka [Airport Ops], Steve Drury [CC&A] and Jo Paolo Policarpio [Child Support Agency].

Starring gritty shooting guard John deBelle [Investigations] and spiritual leader Nathan Aplitt [Compliance PTV], the subsequent games saw the ACBPS quintet coasting along as they waylaid the NSW Corrective Services Prison guards, 59-39 and blasted the NSW Ambulance crew, 67-51, to arrange a final showdown with their first round tormentors.

The grand final game saw a change of tactics as the ACBPS Blues team put up an early 19-9 first half lead behind the direction of playing center Aplitt who anchored the transition plays behind the trio of Zacka, Drury and Policarpio.

It took the defensive stops of David Baker and Ricky Bautista in the second half ably supported by the long toms of shooters Policarpio, Zacka and Drury to put a stop to the defending champions NSW Hills District Police aspirations that saw the ACBPS Blues squad roll to their first crown in the NSW Police Games, 40-33.


Drury 58 points, J Policarpio 53 points and Zacka 49 points led the ACBPS Blues team in production.

The Mixed ACBPS crew went down 36-46 to the NSW Police Detectives squad for the bronze medal to take 4th place in the previous week mixed competition games.


p43-sport-mon22014 ACBPS Jo Paolo Policarpio

2014 ACBPS Jo Paolo Policarpio


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2014 ACBPS


p43-sport-mon-42014 Bakes 4

2014 Bakes.


p43-sport-mon-62014 Steve Drury MVP

2014 Steve Drury MVP


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