Fil-Aussie leads Australian Men’s Handball Team

Fil-Aussie leads Australian Men’s Handball Team


Bevan Calvert currently holds the title of being the first Filipino-Australian to have led a national team for the third time. Calvert led the Australian Men’s Handball Team as Team Captain at the IHF Emerging Nations Tournament held during 20 -26 June 2015 at Kosovo. He was also Team Captain at the Oceania Region Qualifier in 2012 held in Sydney and at the 2013 International Handball Federation Championship held in Spain.

The IHF Emerging Nations Championship involved players who are at least 16 years of age (must turn 16 by 17 June 2015) and under the age of 30 (not born before 1985).

The 2015 team comprised of Kristofer Karlsson (Sweden); Avery Edmunds (QLD); Bevan Calvert (Germany) - Team Captain; Tim Anderson (NSW); Ioannis Niarhakos (Vic); Callum Mouncey (ACT); Caleb Gahan (Spain) ; Tommy Fletcher (Faroe Islands) ;Tomasz Szklarski (NSW) - Vice Captain; James Ridley (England); Daniel Fogerty (NSW); Luke Behrendorff (ACT); Ben Fogerty (NSW); Almir Pandzo (Bosnia).

Australia was among 16 countries which participated in the tournament. In the Preliminary Round, Australia had a big win against Armenia, with the score being 61:20, and drew against Faroe Island which ironically won the Championship, with 34 goals all. It lost against the host nation Kosovo, the score being Australia 24: Kosovo 31. In the Placement Round, Australia won against Albania, score being 30: 22 but lost against arch rival Great Britain – Australia 26 : Great Britain 32. In its last game against Bulgaria during the regulation time, Australia drew at 32: 32 but lost in a penalty shoot out to place 12th.

Calvert averaged 5.3 goals over the six games that Australia played. He was top scorer with ten goals in the first game which was against Faroe Island; his other high score was eleven goals in the game versus Armenia.

Calvert is happy with the team’s participation in the competition. He said: “With one half of the team just meeting the other half only at the start of the competition, we are proud of what we have achieved. We were the only team that did not lose against the tournament champion Faroe Islands. We will take away the positives and build upon them.”

The team is now in training for its participation at the Olympics Qualification tournament to be held in Qatar in November 2015.

Calvert has been based in Germany for six years now. He has signed up for another two years with his current handball club Mecklenburg Schwerin. In addition to training and playing handball, he is also undertaking a sports management course.

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