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by Marco Selorio 
The boxing world turned upside down with a controversial
decision that crowned underdog Australian challenger Jeff Horn
with the WBO welterweight crown at the expense of global
boxing icon Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao in the “Battle of Brisbane”
The three judges unanimously picked Horn the victor. Judges
Chris Flores and Ramon Cerdan both had it at 115-113 for Horn,
while third judge Waleska Roldan scored 117-111.
There was an international outcry on social media that had
many pundits and analysts in disbelief.
The punch statistics showed that Pacquiao connected significantly
more punches, as the Filipino landed 32% (182/573
punches), while Horn hit 15% (92/625 punches).
The aftermath of the fight showed Horn bruised and battered
with a busted right eye, while Pacquiao was left with only a few
cuts on his forehead.
It was a hometown decision that did not sit well with the Pacquiao
camp. A rematch is mandatory, but promoter Bob Arum
said that it’s all up to Pacquiao if he wants to fight again. Horn
on the other hand said he is willing to fight him in the Philippines
if he’s up for it.
A record-breaking 51,025 people attended the boxing event,
including boxing greats Roberto Duran, Timothy Bradley, Jeff
Fenech and Danny Green, Senator Tito Sotto and Chavit Singson.
A sea of red, blue and yellow flags filled up Suncorp Stadium
as proud Filipino fans across Australia, New Zealand and
the Philippines came out in full force to support their ageing
Both boxers had the crowd on their toes from start to finish.
The bigger and younger Horn threw everything he had from
the get-go, including a couple of head butts and a low blow
that clearly threw off Pacquiao. At 38-years old, Pacquiao still
showed strength and speed, but he was not the same fighter that
destroyed opponents in the past.
Despite the slow start, Pacquiao heated up and delivered a
barrage of combinations that had Horn on the ropes and fighting
for survival by the 9th Round. Referee Mark Nelson should
have stopped the fight but somehow allowed Horn to finish the
Duco Events and Top Rank in cooperation with the Queensland
Government have been instrumental in staging this historymaking
boxing match.
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