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By Mars Cavestany
Life within the Filipino community won’t be complete without the traditional beauty pageants. In the past month of September alone four beauty pageants reeled off within our midst.
One is spectacularly humongous in scope and production staging being essentially global in nature and is a brainchild of Filipina-Australian who is a nurse by profession and a beauty specialist by trade apart from her unstoppable passion to professionalise the mechanisms of beauty pageants. She is none other than Ms.  Cindy Dionisio.
The other must-see events are all integrated with the annual biggest fiesta celebration in NSW (proudly on its 30th year) as institutionalized by Philippine Australian Sports & Culture Inc. celebrating beauty, diversity, talent and intelligence of Filipino-Australian women.  
Whereas in the past years the beauty pageant itself was the main event climaxing the Grand Philippine Fiesta Kultura in the evenings, this year, the grand coronation night of Miss Philippines-Australia and Charity Queen Australia 2018 reeled off earlier with the most-coveted title-holder of “Miss Philippines- Australia” representing the Filipino community throughout Australia to the most iconic and wonderfully storied Miss Universe Pageant in our home country Philippines.  
Be it a marketing strategy or simply an inevitable expansion move, this year the organizers created a three-pronged competition reviving the long-sought-after crowd favourite “Little Miss Philippines Pageant” on the one hand, as well as adroitly including the hugely popular if controversially exciting search for “Miss Transgender Global Queen, “on the other.
Both events proved to be such a crowd-pleasing and teasing happening for the motley crowd who experienced a double treat on d’ day of the Fiesta celebration.  

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  Modern single women 16 to 25 years old  from Filipino ancestry have joined the 27th Festival Beauty Pageant Miss Philippines Australia and Miss Charity Queen which offers and creates a positive platform for who they are in this century and make positive contribution through partnerships with charities, sponsors, families and friends. Philippines Australia Sports and Culture (PASC) Incorporated a non-profit organisation which organises the longest, biggest, most exciting beauty pageant in the whole of the Filipino community in Australia says that the activity empowers women to be confident, developing at the same time their personal and professional career ambitions. The candidates exemplify the modern day generation and also enrich themselves of the culture of their parents and ancestors. The modern women candidates develop also their sense of humanitarian services as they go and visit different charitable institutions in the Philippines and in some instances disaster places ravaged by storms and typhoons.  

  Winners of the 2015 Miss Philippines Australia and Miss Charity Queen distribute the charity donations raised from the beauty pageant, visit recipient institutions and meet students receiving scholarships.  

  There are other titles to be won at the festival beauty pageant such as Miss Popularity or The People’s Choice for everyone can vote either by online at the  Miss Philippines Australia website and by the ballot found at the souvenir program by dropping the ballot at the box not later than 4pm on the day of the 27th Fiesta Kultura, Monday 5 October 2015 at Fairfield Showground, Praeriewood NSW. Photographers also select the Most Photogenic, candidates vote for the Miss Friendship and of course the panel of judges determine the coveted Miss Philippines Australia and the highest fund raiser gets the Miss Charity Queen title.

  Introducing the 8 modern women of Filpino ancestry making a positive contribution to society by joining the 2015 Miss Philippines Australia and Miss Charity Queen. Support them by buying door tickets and raffle tickets or placing an advertisement in the 27th Fiesta Kultura souvenir program.  (Lolita Farmer OAM)

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