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Eric with classmate June Robinson in a TAFE Ultimo Graduation for Community Services Work. Eric with classmate June Robinson in a TAFE Ultimo Graduation for Community Services Work.

Maging ubas, huwag pasas




There are three T’s that have become part of my life journey without foreseeing them - TAFE, trolleys and trains!
I am thankful to have finished my Diploma of Community Services in TAFE Ultimo. This phase of learning in my life journey has enriched me a lot.

Apart from classroom discussions, my placement learning with Wesley Mission - Ashfield and The Big Issue Sydney Headquarters made me see a world of diversity in so many ways. TAFE has become a part of my life in ways that I cannot forget. To everyone I’ve learned from and I have learned with - a big THANK YOU!

Having a Bachelor of Arts degree and pushing trolleys for a living may not be a picture of compatibility unless the tool carries books to fill shelves in a library. Working in grocer in the posh Westfield of Bondi Junction taught me so much about life beyond the countless books that I read and held. Trolleys have been my companion collecting items for filling in the shop or for moving things around. Friends that come (and go) are blessings that alleviate burdens along life’s journey just like the trolley. They also help you carry rubbish to be chucked in life’s bin. But like trolleys, friends also bring along delights and pleasant surprises! :) To all my team mates Osang, Robert, Rita, Alex, Satish, Aaron, Francis, Barrat, Jim, and specially Tess, John, George and Albert - a big THANK YOU!

Talking about sanctuaries, it is unlikely that I mention the trains on NSW but they are to me. Apart from taking me to places whether for work or sight-seeing, these train rides have sheltered me from the cold or hot weather. I had meals, sang, talked, read, laughed, meditated, prayed, wept, slept, dreamt and enjoyed life in all it’s myriad complexities while riding the train.

I even had several broadcasts in the train! And stopping in every station looks a lot like life itself with all our journeys and destinations. Most of all, I enjoy being with a diverse people. True, we are not made to be islands.

We are made to be part of a community. And even for a while aboard a train, you know you have one. Train rides as part of my normal routine is like life in itself.

We are fellows in a journey, wanting “to arrive” in that somewhere. And hopefully, with the help of the Driver, we’ll reach our “stations” and destination. To my fellow train commuters and the Sydney Rail - a big THANK YOU!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or share mine even in your communities and meetings. Feel free to contact me at
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