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It’s the FIESTA season for the Filipino-Australian community! Though Darling Harbour pointed tourists to it’s Latin American Fiesta, the people group of the tenth most spoken language at home in Australia (Tagalog, according to TIME Magazine August 19, 2013 issue) makes sure the warmth and excitement of our own fiesta is felt in Australia.
Remembering my basic lessons from Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, the fiesta plays three functions - religious, social and economic.


Eric (middle) with The Idea of North - Nick, Naomi, Andrew and Sally -

Australia’s award-winning acapella quartet on their 20th anniversary concert in Sydney.

I am not so sure which among these three come first in our celebrations here but just like the fiesta itself, the total experience can be as delightful as its buffet tables! Filipino fiestas showcase our food, fashion, festivities, friendships and faith in colourful array.

CONGRATULATIONS to all who always make these events a success and unforgettable to many.
But let me just go back to what TIME Magazine printed in its August 19, 2013 edition. First, on the cover, it calls Australia the LUCKY country.

Second, given that it is indeed the lucky country, Tagalog, is the tenth most spoken language at home 

here. Yes, it is known that Filipinos assimilate.

But Australia is also multicultural. It encourages the indigenous expressions of its many people groups as well. Apart from the fiesta, I wonder how else can the Filipino-Australian make a lasting impact and contribution to the Australian landscape? The presence of other citizens from another country of origin are so much felt and “experienced” in most cities here in terms of their food and beverage, massage, etc. How about us?

What good and beautiful indigenous traits do we have that we can corporately share and multiply in this multicultural home?

For me, what TIME magazine printed mean something.
If the use of Tagalog language spoken at home here landed in the top ten, should the Filipino-Australian presence just stay home?


TIME Magazine, August 19, 2013 edition

(We are Australia, The True Face of the Lucky Country, p.18)

CONGRATULATIONS to The Idea of North, Australia’s award-winning acapella quartet on their 20th anniversary! I can’t help but fall in love with their music the moment I heard them on koffee app radio. Check them out on Facebook and iTunes or visit idea.com.au

Eric C. Maliwat is a book author, public and broadcast speaker on inspirational and socio-cultural issues.
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