Poetically Correct by Gloria Grace


You were the most powerful being of the land
Your subjects were within your command
However, the esteem accorded you got out of hand
In the long run, the mask of respectability got unbound.

The country’s best retailers gave you preference
Aquamarine’s served you free tailored jeans
Beau Boutique sent you free fragrances
Socorro’s made embroidered barongs for your state lunches.

Beauty queens were invited to entertain
For rest and recreation, only the gorgeous contain
Your eye for beauty never in the least abstain
Soon your hidden harem got filled with fabulous girls it can maintain.

Cash was available at all times for your disposal
The temptation was so great that you forgot your job ethical
Illegal deals were discovered by the treasury fiscal
Your self-respect was doomed and you were called a rascal.

The amor propio you guarded was thrown
Your early respectability got flown
You were bereft of material things you own
You got stripped of honour, trust and respect that were sown.

How could you do such bearch of amor propio?
Don’t you know that earthly journey is only short?
The legacy of your position could have been a fort
Yet you ruined everything unmindful of amor propio.

Clear accountancy conserves friendship’s transparency gesture
Thus goes the old saying from grandparents who experienced the Filipino borrowing nature
Filipino cash lending culture has been engrained as a social feature
Friendship get ruined in case of a loan payment failure.

Borrowers and lenders are friends or relatives
Trust and confidence emanate from association that is active
Reason for borrowing could be emergency or need as a motive
Lenders sympathize for such piteous expressives.

Unfortunately the borrower owes from a number of persons
He makes believe that he can pay as he lives in an affluent maison
Beyond one’s means of livelihood is a perennial reason
Tis the vicious cycle that afflicts the Filipino’s unsolved lesson.

To borrow or not to borrow is the question
Many Filipinos cannot help but evade the motion
For decades the societal problem erodes the Filipino reputation
Nothing can be done to solve this national irritation.

Non-fulfillment of promissories result in loss of trust
Among relatives, non-payment of debts go bust
Money which is the root of evil end up in whirlwind gust
Non-retrieval of loan banish the cash turned to dust.

Future incidents come from borrowers’ schemes
Lenders should not accept borrowers’ themes
Caution is important in one’s relationship
So as to preserve a good friendship.

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