The Power of Positive Thinking


Poetically Correct...

by Gloria Grace
BSE, MA(U.P.), Ph.D.


Norman Vincent Peale's formula for positive thinking
Is reproduced therein and passed for the readers' acceptance
Firstly, believe in yourself by developing self confidence
Have faith and let God guide you and do deep praying.


A peaceful mind generates power, attitudes are more important than facts
Never build up obstacles in your imagination
Don't copy other people and be awe-struck
Say "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth" as an affirmation.


Empty the mind of negative, old thoughts and fill it with creative thoughts
Work out on peaceful thought images such as tranquility and serenity
Biblical scriptures have a strong therapeutic value as you quote
By reading the Bible, you achieve quiet reaction and be thinking gently.


Developing a peaceful mind is the daily practice of silence
Listen for the deeper sounds of harmony and beauty in silent essence
Silence is associated with spiritual healing
To annihilate the factor of time, do some meditating.

Have constant energy by throwing yourself into a good cause with abandon
Get your emotional faults corrected, get your clogged channels reopened
Let Divine energy flow into yourself, get rid of fear and guilt
Relax, spend time outdoors, read the Bible, a library within it.


Affirmative prayers always get results
Prayer power is a manisfestation of energy, even normalize the ageing process
Prayer as a phenomenon is filled with optimistic heights
A good formula for success is PRAYERWISE, PICTURISE, ACTUALISE.


Create your own happiness by having a clean soul
See romance in the commonplace, draw yourself every factor large or small
Have a child's heart and spiritual simplicity
Make it a habit to be happy.


Stop fretting and fuming, slow down quiet down
Practice being peaceful, reduce your pace, don't pound
Work without stress in unhurried tempo, no physical movement
Learn the art of letting go all nervous excitement.

Expect the best and get it, learn to believe
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible that believeth"
Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow
And if you're a woman, God runs a beauty parlour.


Don't believe in defeat
Don't be a victim of worry as it is a bad mental habit
Cultivate friendships with hopeful people
Solve personal problems by asking God to be your partner.


Healing through natural law is applicable by science
Healing through spiritual law is applicable through faith
Spiritual harmony prevail in the family
Be natural perfectly.


For every anger, cool it off by the the first ten words of the Lord's prayer
Put spiritual iodine on the heart by saying a prayer of love
Pray for the person who hurt your feelings
Forgive seventy times seven.


Inflow of new thoughts can remake you
Feed your mind with nourishing, wholesome thoughts
Get closer to friends with a positive point of view
Cast out old, unhealthy, negative thoughts.


Never be an Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders
Like your work, plan your work, work your plan
Spread out your work and become efficient in your work
Discipline yourself not to put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


Be a comfortable person, be an old shoe, old hat kind of person
Relax, be easy-going, be natural and normally humble
Be interesting, practice liking people
Give strength to people and they will give affection to you.


Prescription for heartache is to get back into the mainstream of life activities
Also a secret of curing heartache is to be normal and natural
Another is the curative comfort supplied by trust in God
In faith which is a sound, substantial, rational view of life and eternity, you have a prescription for heartache.


Draw upon that Higher Power, "according to your faith, be it unto you". (Matthew 9:29)


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