’Tis always the season for giving at the Blacktown Ponds Lions Club

’Tis always the season for giving at the Blacktown Ponds Lions Club Featured


Leading digital money transfer service WorldRemit (http://bit.ly/Philmrate) celebrates the work and achievements of unspoken heroes in communities around the world, and the Blacktown Ponds Lions Club is just one group of many working hard to better the lives of others across Australia and the world.
The Blacktown Ponds’ Christmas in July dinner is one of their highly anticipated annual events, and this year the proceeds will support the upgrade of The Healing Garden in the Blacktown Mt Druitt Hospital Children’s Ward.
“Upgrading the garden would encourage the children and their families to interact with nature through the use of outdoor aids and it would also encourage peer support and interaction with other families, allowing for shared experiences and reducing feelings of isolation,” Rissa said.
The Christmas in July dinner was fully booked around two months prior to the date of the event, and Rissa said the local community is always wanting to get involved because they want to support the Blacktown Ponds in their mission to help others.
“When we transfer money with WorldRemit ((http://bit.ly/Philmrate) we actually post the transactional documentation on our Facebook and on our website so people can see exactly where all their money went,” Rissa said.
In the past, the Lions Club helped raise money to provide upgraded playground equipment for the local special school and they also raised around $20,000 to assist in the rebuilding of three schools in Caritas in the Philippines, following the Typhoon Haiyan disaster in 2013.
“We are very happy to be dealing with WorldRemit (http://bit.ly/Philmrate) because we really need a really good and reliable remittance service, especially when we raise big amounts of money,” Rissa explained.
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“I have struggled previously with sending money back home with other companies where the money has been taken out of my account but my family still had not received anything, despite two months having already transpired
since the initial transaction,” Rissa said.
“But, with WorldRemit (http://bit.ly/Philmrate) we feel a great sense of security knowing we are in good hands.”
In celebration of the amazing work of the Blacktown Ponds’ and their Christmas in July event, send money home to your loved ones through WorldRemit’s (http://bit.ly/Philmrate) instant cash pick-ups at local businesses.
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     Blacktown Meals on Wheels, as well as delivering Meals to clients who live in the Blacktown LGU, our Service hold Centre Based days on Monday, Thursday and Friday at our Blacktown site and on Monday and Wednesday at our Mt Druitt site. On Friday of each week also at our Mt Druitt site we hold and Centre Based day for the Vision Impaired.

      Our Service holds a Centre Based day for the Philippine Community on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 10am to 2pm at Blacktown Meals on Wheels, Gribble Place, Blacktown.  We supply a lovely morning tea for the clients and a 3 nutritious 3 course meal, cooked on the premises by our cook, is provided at lunch time for a cost of $6.00 (currently).  The clients play Dominos and other games are available.   We play 10 games of Bingo with prizes for each game.  We hold a Raffle with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and a lucky door prize is drawn. The clients all have a lovely day and interact socially with others from the Philippine Community.  We have 10 – 12 Filipino clients from this group who also come along each Monday to our Centre Based day.

      Clients living in Blacktown and surrounding districts can be transported to and from the Centre by our volunteers in Mini Buses at a cost of $2 each way (currently).  Our dedicated volunteers assist with the preparation and serving of the meals, call Bingo, organise the raffles, other activities and help the client enjoy their day.

      If you would like to come along and join us –

      Phone Blacktown Meals on Wheels on 9622 6183 and talk to one of our friendly staff.

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