Campbelltown City’s Kalayaan 2018

Campbelltown City’s Kalayaan 2018


The vibrant Filipino community of the Campbelltown and Macarthur Region celebrated the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence with a joint Flag Raising ceremony at the City Council Lawns followed by a cultural program and lunch at the Campbelltown Civic Centre on 16 June 2018. It’s the 12th year official celebration of Philippine National Day of the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council (CRFCC) Inc. in coordination with the Campbelltown City Council and with the Philippine Consular General Sydney.

Consul Melanie Diano, representing Consul General Ma. Teresa L. Taguiang and Mayor George Brticevic jointly raised the National Australian and Philippine flags. Greg Warren MP for Campbelltown raised the Aboriginal Flag and Cr.Rey Manoto raising the Campbelltown City Council Flag. Labor Councillors Margaret Chivers, Masood Chowdhury and Ben Gilholme also graced the occasion and welcomed the attendees. CRFCC Youth Ambassador Nelwyn Dejillo sang both anthems acapella.

Yours truly, CRFCC President warmly welcomed all attendees who braved the chilly winter morning reiterated Consul Melanie Diano’s highlight on the Kalayaan 2018 Theme of “Pagbabagong Ipinaglaban, Alay sa Masaganang Kinabukasan translated: Change We Fought For, An Offering for an Abundant Future. The proud Filipino Campbelltown community had envisioned it for years that by working together we can achieve the shared goals of growth, prosperity and harmony in our birth country the Philippines and our adopted country Australia most especially in our City of Campbelltown.

Showcasing the culture with songs and dances followed with performers Ms Gilda Pagaduan acclaimed Filipino vocalist, Mr. Yves Personnel President of the Combined Churches of Macarthur with his Latino songs and a touch of Elvis Presley and the colourful dancing of the Muslim dance ‘BILAAN’ and ‘SALAKOT’ performed by AUS Min Dancers Annie Benitez and Vi Espejo Loveliness

Greg Warren MP State Member for Campbelltown presented a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence to the Philippine Consular General and the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council.
Consul Melanie Diano accepted the Certificate on behalf of the Hon Consul General Ma.Teresa L.Taguiang and Lourdes Kaiser President of the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council Inc


Greg Warren MP and Consul Melanie Diano proudly led the Toast for Australia and the Philippines respectively.

Yours truly warmly welcomed and thanked the Councillors who stayed on for the Cultural Program in Councillors Margaret Chivers, Rey Manoto, Masood Chowdhury and Ben Gilholme, Gerald Kenneally Director of Kenneallys Funerals Campbelltown and all Suburbs, major Sponsor of CFRCC’s events, Shefali Pali Proprietor of Alkalizer Cafe and Restaurant donor of the delicious Morning Tea, PCC- NSW President Serna Ladia and Board, the wonderful performers Gild Pasadena, Yves Peronecc, Annie Benitez and Vi Espejo Loveliness for showcasing the cultural Muslim Dance “BILAAN” and the “Salakot”, to Mr Graeme Chivers Campbelltown Labors Councillors camera man who covered the whole proceedings.

A heartfelt thanks was extended to the wonderful CRFCC Team for its dedication, commitment and professionalism in Renee Estrella CRFCC Secretary and gracious Master of Ceremonies, Connie Ramsey CRFCC VP . Pikes Garcia, Cora Michel, Elsa Collado, Marie Zawadka, Diane Vedala, Wilma Donney, Lita Smith, Cirila Freeman, Ellen and Manny Padilla
and to the Filipino community

The proud and vibrant Campbelltown Filipino community has once again displayed a marvelous celebration of community and culture.

A sumptuous Lunch followed with plenty of selfies!


Happy Independence Day! MABUHAY!

Photos : Courtesy of Mr. Graeme Chivers.

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  • 2015 Philippine National Day Celebration – Campbelltown & Region by Lourdes Kaiser

    In commemoration of the 117TH anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine
    Independence, Campbelltown City Council once again hosted the official celebration in partnership with the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council in collaboration with the Philippine Consular General of Sydney on Saturday 20 June 2015. The Joint National Flag Raising Ceremony at City Council Grounds marked the morning celebration. Both National Flags were raised jointly by the Consul General of Sydney the Honourable Anne J. Louis, and Federal Member Chris Hayes MP. Campbelltown’s young talent Tiara Nyuzo led the singing of both anthems
    Councillor Anoulack Chanthivong representing Mayor Paul Lake and his capacity as the newly elected State Member for Macquarie Fields raised the New South Wales Flag and the Aboriginal flag raised by Councillors Fred Borg and Wal Glyn.
    Consul General Anne J. Louis, articulated this years Independence Day theme
    “Kalayaan 2015: Tagunpay sa Pagbabagong Nasimulan, Abot Kamay na ng Bayan” (Independence 2015: Triumphs through Reforms, within Nation’s Reach”).
    Anoulack Chanthivong MP recognized that the ceremony “is not only a commemorative occasion of the Philippine’s declaration of sovereignty and independence in 1898 but also an opportunity to acknowledge the immense contribution made by the Filipino community to the City of Campbelltown.
    The wonderful community spirit and dedication to helping those in need both here in Australia and in the Philippines, that the Filipino community has helped raise the profile of Campbelltown not only in the region but nationally, in the Philippines and even wider among other international communities of Filipinos around the world.
    The celebration continued with a Cultural program at the adjacent Civic Centre starting with a very fitting Invocation by Elsa Collado, CRFCC’s Internal Auditor.
    Headed by yours truly, for eleven consecutive years, I could only echo what the Consul General Anne J. Louis and Anoulack Chanthivong had said earlier the dear reason how significant this celebration is to the nation and to all Filipinos settled in different shores: of the sublime heroism and martyrdom of our ancestors and that it will be cherished forever. In General Emilio Aguinaldo’s words on 12 June 1898, “The establishment of the Philippine Republic, marked the Filipino people’s declaration and exercise the right of self determination, their inherent and inalienable right to freedom and independence”. The freedom of choice brought us here to a beautiful country Australia we call home.
    Yours truly further quoted the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal “ Love of country is never effaced once it has penetrated the heart because it carries with it a divine stamp which renders it eternal and imperishable”
    The Philippine National Day celebration is marked with the Joint National Flag Raising and a Cultural Program showcasing the Philippine culture with purpose and hope that it will create awareness and serve as a channel of connecting the younger generations of Filipino –Australians to their heritage.
    And in cooperation with the Philippine Consul General and the very supportive Campbelltown City Council, the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community will endeavour to keep the celebration alive and well into the future. Blessed with a Unified community CRFCC will continue to strive to make a difference not only in the Filipino community but to engage continually to make positive contributions to the broader spectrum of society
    The Cultural Program with vibrant performers: the young talent Tiara Nyuzo, Rey Monteclar, CRFCC 2015 Mother’s Day Karaoke Winner and Cleo Baltazar giving out their fantastic performance made it so much entertaining.
    The Cultural Dancing of ‘ Harvest’ performed by the Filipino Women’s Support Group choreographed by Emma Braceros and the Courtship Dance ‘Timawa’ by Cora Michel and Jimmy Lopez topped it all.
    Greg Warren MP State Member for Campbelltown presented a Certificate of Appreciation to both the Consul General Anne J. Louis and the Campbelltown and Region Filipino Community Council for their Ongoing Contribution to the City Of Campbelltown.
    Renee Estrella and Cyrille Freeman CRFCC Secretary and official photographer
    respectively, smoothly organised the photo opportunities of participating associations and the general public.
    A sumptuous Independence Day Anniversary Lunch concluded the wonderful celebration.

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