Happy Australia Day!

By Bimbi Flor (visit bimbiflor.wordpress.com)

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Enjoying Australia Day in Alexandria.


For the last few years now I have been able to totally embrace what it means to be ‘Aussie’ and it feels bloody good. Many years before, it was a different story. Feeling unaccepted, at times disregarded and racially singled out, I realised I was laying blame on the wrong group of people. I was feeling lost by choice – not because of circumstance. Time certainly changes people, and yes time has changed me too. I no longer go around lost in a myriad of strangeness and gloom. I am happy to be where I am in my life, happy to be who I am – no more longing to be anywhere else but where I should be and right now it is right here - here in Australia.

I still dream - but only at night. In the daytime, I am inspired and hopeful - that I can still do what makes me happy. Australia has given me opportunities for growth and I work hard to be able to contribute to a thriving, developing nation. I am happy to be able to give back to my community. Australia may not be perfect but there is always room for improvement. So yes it is a very happy Australia Day for me – as I soak up the sunshine eating Italian Linguini with my Australian-born daughter in a multi-culturally jam packed suburban restaurant where they enthusiastically sing to an Asian birthday celebrant in English. I love Australia!!!


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