PCHN now on its 20th Year of Community Service!
Sincerest appreciation and gratitude to all!
Mabuhay! God Bless!


Evelyn Zaragoza, Publisher






PCHN’s twenty years of excellent reporting captures the Australian charisma
Dissipating any form of exceptional enigma
There is no difference in sentiment or opinion
Readers feel contented intellectually in unison.

PCHN’s logo of a free spirit is imbued on a radius immeasurable
Twenty years of news transparency is an epiphany
The triumph of the human spirit gives a sense of immediacy
Exulting the PCHN as many-faceted and indomitable.

Unity is predominant among writers for a vibrant information
Headlines provide brilliant eye-catching dissemination
Keen insights and fresh news are set for publication
Editorials are punchy and can be a surprise revelation.

Fair Dinkum dishes out ministerial views with clarity
Multicultural page is an eye-opener for crime stoppers
Philippine news brings the latest about the Pork Barrel
Business section enlightens readers on scams and typhoon misery.

All states of the country are well documented
Northern Territory page features interesting people properly narrated
Pitak Pilipino assures that the native language is promoted
Thoughts in motion have articles expressly formulated.

Sports and travel convey accurate testaments
Health and cookery contain healthful and helpful tips
Pictorials are highlights of wonderful events and trips
Advertisements recommend professionals and establishments.

PCHN is a prolific, amazing gem of a paper
Its offerings are worth your dollar
Its excellence in news reporting is the community’s honour

The Filipinos are absolutely proud of PCHN’s role.



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