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INC Family Fun day headed with Ka Mark Tongol and Raquel Cabacungan.


INC in Bathurst, driven by a dynamic delegation from Sydney and host by Filipina Tita Brown and her family and friends held a religious gathering and barbeque in Ba­thurst at the Kelso Community. What is most impressive is the way they have reached out to the local Indigenous community and other needy folks, by supplying food, blankets and warm winter clothing. Some may not follow their faith, but in their generosity and kindness to the less fortunate, they are an example for all religions.


Bathurst Royal Show


The Royal Bathurst Show has long been regarded as the best west of Sydney and has boasted an average annual attendance in excess of 20,000 people. The Show is organ­ised and run by the Bathurst Agricultural, Horticultural & Pastoral Association, a charitable community organisation who for over 150 years have been promoting agricultural activities and all aspects of rural and country life in the Bathurst area. In additional to the traditional displays of the best local stock and produce there were spectacular events in the show ring, an excellent fun fair and fireworks display enjoyed by many of the local Filipino Community,




Bathurst ANZAC crowd of around 3000 attended


Supreme Sacrifice, 100 years on.


I recently experienced ANZAC weekend in Bathurst as part of a large and solemn gathering. After the Dawn Ser­vice and a Gunfire Breakfast, there was a large gathering at the Memorial Carillion and a welcome by the Mayor, Gary Rush, and an address by Rear Admiral Tony Dalton. Kings Parade was covered with white crosses and red pop­pies, a mute testimony to the fallen and I sang in homage with the Allegri Singers, who together with the Bathurst RSL Band performed the Anzac Suite in a true ceremony of remembrance, with prayers, hymns and the Last Post, followed by a minutes silence and the unveiling of plaques honouring the awarding of the Victoria Cross to a Bathurst resident, and those who enlisted from Bathurst in WW1. Not forgotten were the current sacrifices being made by the Australian Defence Force in combatting terrorism all over the World in complex, challenging and extremely dangerous environments. Later the traditional Soldiers Saddle race meeting and ‘two up’ took place, where vet­erans, descendants and supporters met together in fellow­ship and gratitude for the sacrifices made.


However, I have some issues regarding how the event is developing nationally. Firstly let me state I have im­mense gratitude for our troops who fought and died over the years, and still do so, so we can live a decent life or even any life at all. The bravery of Americans and Aus­tralians in the Pacific in removing the Japanese is beyond belief. Battles such as Manila, Kokoda, the Coral Sea and Iwo Jima should stay in our hearts for ever, as should the gallant Filipino resistance fighters and long suffering ci­vilian population.


‘Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for another’ Make no mistake, they died so we may live. As citizens of Australia regardless of our ethnic origins we are honour bound to remember the ANZACS


It is a day of remembering the sacrifices made by the ap­proximately ten thousand ANZAC troops who lay down their lives at Gallipoli and other wars, and the many more that were traumatised and maimed, not forgetting their families and loved ones.




With Linda Cook




Bathurst ANZAC celebration with Bathurst Mayor Cr Gary Rush



ANZAC Day should be a time of mourning and reflec­tion rather than celebration, and recognition of how the war helped forge our very young country into a unified entity. Recently ANZAC Day has become not only a time to remember all who made great sacrifices in war but an event involving the promotion of drinking, gambling and football. Every country is entitled to its myths and to cel­ebrate them. But please do not commercialise it by using what has become the ANZAC Brand to promote football, beer and supermarkets. The front cover of Zoo Magazine featuring a bikini clad model holding a red poppy makes me cringe, and certainly not walking into machine gun fire for. Shame on all who hi-jack a solemn remembrance for commercial gain.




Bathurst 100th ANZAC celebration with the World War 11 Veteran and a young Service Man



Bathurst Bicentennial Show Case 200th

Bathurst celebrated the two hundred years since the foun­dation of the City by Governor Macquarie and its impres­sive subsequent development from being the oldest inland settlement in NSW, to a prosperous and beautiful modern city.


On the exact date 7th of May 1815, at the exact place where the Governor landed after crossing the Macquarie River, a spectacular flag pole and tribute to the local Wiradjuri peo­ple was erected, accompanied by the Combined Bathurst Schools Choir and speeches by the Governor of NSW, and


representatives of all levels of government including great supporters of the local Filipino Community, State Mem­ber and Minister for Local Government Paul Toole MP and Bathurst Mayor Cr Gary Rush. This event also fea­tured a Colonial Fair where you could catch a glimpse of how people lived in the early days of the Bathurst settle­ment, including a blacksmith, whip maker, blade shearer and other old trades and crafts. On display were the old steam engines, vintage cars, including ex-Prime Minis­ter Ben Chifley’s Buick. The main celebrations were on Saturday evening when a huge crowd assembled in front of the Court House, which was illuminated in spectacular fashion with an amazing “Peoplescape” of ghostly effigies of prominent Bathurst Citizens populating the lawns. They were entertained by an account of the City’s early history by the erudite Chris Morgan from Abercrombie House, a spectacular re-enactment, musical entertainment by local performers, and a fantastic lantern light parade all comple­mented with stalls selling gourmet local food and wines. Local Filipinos attended and took part in the entertainment and a great time was had by all.




Showcase Bathurst 200 with State Member and Minister for Local Government,

The Hon Paul Toole MP and his lovely wife Joanne and yours Truly.




Showcase Bathurst 200 with our Certificate of Appreciation from

the Bathurst Regional Council with Rosemary Dawson.



“Stay Home we are full”


Anti-immigrant groups often us this phrase to discour­age people wishing to come to Australia. They fear over­crowding, environmental destruction, foreign ownership, cultural change and housing scarcity. Such people fail to realise that Bathurst and the rest of Australia would never have developed so quickly and successfully with­out immigrant labour and finance. Recently, Bathurst has grown steadily from internal migration from smaller cen­tres and expensive cities, rather than from overseas. To keep Bathurst moving, the Council is about to extend its Evocities program, whereby a group of country towns are trying to pull people from Sydney, where overpriced housing is driving many away and enabling some to sell at a huge profit and live comfortably in cities such as Ba­thurst. What worries me is that there is too little job ex­pansion and infrastructure improvement to accommodate the newcomers. Cities of the size of Bathurst in Europe have rapid transport systems, high tech industries and high quality engineering and research training facilities. For the city to develop we need more than just bodies, we need cutting edge industries and jobs or we may become a giant retirement home.


Also without rapid job expansion we should be very wary of importing large numbers of immigrants, unless they are skilled or bring capital to start businesses. Most of our Filipino immigrants are in this category and more are very welcome.


Congratulations 15th Wedding Anniversary


A big congratulation to Wayne and Marissa Gaddes, our lovely Filipina neighbour. They invited us to a tasty lunch at The Old Mill in the charming heritage village of Millthorpe, to celebrate 15 years of happy marriage. They are excellent friends and neighbours and we wish them all the best Filipinos just love electronic media, they picked up cell phones very quickly and rushed to Facebook, with its potential for elec­tronic Tsismis. It is a great medium for making contact with your friends and relations at home and overseas. It is also great for sending photos, include selfies which ruin many a social oc­casion or relationship, and are little more than ‘narcissism’ or self-love.


However as a medium for sensible discussion, social cohesion and social change, facebook leaves a lot to be desired. People are losing the ability to write correctly and even worse lose their manners completely and engage in insulting abusive and irra­tional attacks on people they imagine have offended them, or who have views or even friends they do not like.


At one level this is ignorance and immaturity which can now be shared with the world, but at another level it soon degener­ates into cyber-bullying where gutless cowards hide behind dis­tance and anonymity. Just remember that it is possible to access anything you say and there are strict laws against the misuse of electronic media, and against label and slander.


So if you would not say something to a person’s face, then it is probably best not to say it at all. Facebook is a valuable tool like a knife which can be used constructively or to harm others. So get some self-respect and treat others as you would like to be treated by them.




Tita Brown’s birthday celebration in Kelso.


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