The Philippine flag paraded by Mila and Christine Scicluna in Blacktown Festival The Philippine flag paraded by Mila and Christine Scicluna in Blacktown Festival

A View from the Mount: News from the Filipino Community in Bathurst and Central West






















The Festival of Colours


Members of the Filipiniana Friends Group of Bathurst travelled to Blacktown City to take part in the fiesta, 

along with other members of the Philippine Community Council of NSW. To find parts of the city’s

principal streets: Main Street, Campbell Street and  Flushcombe Road closed to traffic, which was very

confusing for a country girl like me. However, we all joined residents, their friends and visitors from

neighbouring councils and shires, to enjoy the offerings of the Streets Alive and Parade Day.

The pavements and the squares bounded by the closed roads were occupied with pedestrian

stalls, gourmet food stalls, trades and crafts stalls, and six performance stages. We assembled

at 10am and joined people from many lands in marching from Main Street through Blacktown’s Central

Business area, with everyone excited by the sounds, movements and display of colours of participating 

service and multicultural organisations.



The Filipiniana Friends banner paraded by Mila, Rose and Nenita at the Blacktown Festival.



We join the Philippine Community Council of NSW a Filipino Peak body and its Affiliates. 

Also in the parade were: Australia Philippines Association of Illawarra who came all the way 

from Wollongong headed by Darrell,  the Illawarra Women’s Group represented by Mercy,  

the Philippine Cordilleran’s headed by Evelyn and Nelly geared with colourful Cordilleran’s 

outfit with the Gong, the Ilocano Association  represented by Emily and Espie, Campbelltown 

represented by Pikes, the Mindanao Multicultural Communities represented by Angie, the 

Carolinians represented by Max, Order of the Knights of Rizal represented by Cesar, the 

Atone represented by Alric, who also coordinated the event with Blacktown City Council, 

the Filipino Consumer represented by Emma de Vera and the FAME headed by Rod Dingle.

After the parade, we were invited to lunch provided by Emma at her office in the centre of the

City of Blacktown. Thank you PCC-NSW it was heaps of fun.



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