The Philippine flag raising at the Evans Bridge Kelso June 1 2013 mark the beginning of the celebration of the 115th Declaration of Philippine Independence The Philippine flag raising at the Evans Bridge Kelso June 1 2013 mark the beginning of the celebration of the 115th Declaration of Philippine Independence

A View from the Mount News from the Filipino Community in Bathurst and Central West


Bathurst NSW celebrates 115th Years Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence Day


The flag raising and the 115th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence Day Celebration at Bathurst on 1st of June 2013 took place at the Evans Bridge. It was the beginning of a series of celebrations all over the world of this very significant event in the Philippine History.

The event was attended by official guests: Consul General Anne Jalando-on Louis and her Consular staff from Sydney, Bathurst Councillor Gary Rush, and Father Joshy, who provided a beautiful prayer, Philippine Community Council of NSW President Elsa Collado and her team from Sydney.



(l-r) Father Joshy, the Hon Consul General Anne Jalando-on Louis, Alice Austen

and Alric Bulseco at the 115th Philippine Independence Day celebration in Bathurst.


Bathurst commemoration of the 115th Philippine Independence at the Evans Bridge with Consul General

the Hon Anne Jalando-on Louis and the Filipino Community of Bathurst and the Central West.


We were there at the Philippine Independence Celebration in Bathurst with Mitchell Badelles family.


(l-r) Miss Claire (Director FFGBCW), Dr Elsa Collado (Pres PCC-NSW), Cr Gary Rush (Bathurst Councilor),

Carmelita Nordvie (Director FFGBCW), and Rosalie Tanquiamco (Vice Pres FFGBCW).


Photo Courtesy by Mitchell


The event attracted visitors who came from far and wide including, Jonathan Ebba (FOREX) from Dubbo, Menchie March from Nyngan, Bel and Jay from Orange, Neng, Rebecca, Mary, Grace from Lithgow, Anita and Vangie Hilyar from Bathurst and David and Connie Allen from Portland, Scott and family from Parkes, Mila and Ediza and their children from Sydney, Mitchell Badelles and family from Sydney. Rose and Warren from Bathurst, Ron and Letty Hitchen from Bathurst Couples for Christ, Officers of the Filipiniana Friends Group, the Social group of Orange, competition Judges, sponsors and photographer from Glenbrook Australia, Doug and Alice Austen, and Alicia Williams from the Thai & Asian Restaurant Cootamundra, Angie & Steve Jenkins from Towers Antique Newtown, our Inspirational speaker Emily Wilkins from Wallerawang, and performers Nida & Ariel, Marie & Julia, Robert Huppatz, Crissy Cannon, Rowena Turnbull, Rose Downey, Marilyn, Agnes and Henie Buckley. The celebrations were continued with traditional food and entertainment in St Michaels Parish Hall. They involved a magnificent Filipino feast, a traditional formal Rigodon de Honor dance in beautiful Filipiniana costumes, followed by a novelty dance led by Ariel Vicente. Filipino songs and karaoke, and a best national dress competition, which was spectacular to say the least.
The Commemoration of 115th Proclamation of Philippine Independence at the Evans Bridge Kelso meant a great deal to the Filipino Community. The raising of the magnificent Philippine flag was professionally done, as always with the help of the loyal Lion and Lioness members, and for the attendance of this year’s new President Mr Gavan Ellis. The success of the program relied on a big community effort. Special thanks to Menchie, Rosalie, Claire, Crissy, Vilma, Neng and Carmelita, they are my rocks to lean on. I cannot forget the efforts and dedication of the Rigodon and surprise dancers, who entertained us so well, nor our numerous singers, our donors and the parish of St Michaels for the use of the hall. Also a big thank you and congratulations to those beautiful ladies and gentlemen, who participated in the Philippine National Costumes competition. They were all brilliant. Congratulation to all the winners: Henie Buckley, Agnes Alborough, Nida Vicente, Elsa Collado, Darrell Swaddling and Alric Bulseco. Well done!! And thanks to the Heavens above for keeping the heavy rain off until the flags were raised. Flag raising in Winter in Bathurst is a risky business and we need all the help we can get. As Filipinos we should be proud of this day when we remember our heritage and embrace our




The Rigodoners: (l-r) Ariel & Nida Vicente, Julia Panilagao, Hennie Buckley, Ann Alyn Jerga

and Joe Rabaja performing at the 115th Philippine Independence celebration in Bathurst


Attending the Bathurst flag raising are Rod Williams and family from Sydney.


We were there Miss Claire, KC and Maribel Bradbury at

the Bathurst 115th Philippine Independence celebration



We are lucky to have lived in two of the earliest democracies in the region, and being able to continue to enjoy our freedom. Mabuhay Tayong Lahat!!!

The event was a lovely multicultural experience demonstrating harmony between Australians of different origins and the integration of Filipino Australians in their adopted land. Many of our visitors and local community members comment on Bathurst’s progressive and supportive Regional Council and Lions Club.

The big flag is famous in the Filipino/Australian Community in NSW and certainly puts the City on the map. May it fly for ever! We very proud to see our flag flying high at the Evans Bridge for the passers-by to admire. The flag raising ceremony, which has taken place in Bathurst for the last 8 years and apparently involves the largest Filipino Flag in the Southern Hemisphere was organised by Nenita Weekes, President of the Filipiniana Friends Group of Bathurst and the Central West.




“Kalayaan 2013: Ambagan Tungo sa Malawakang Kaunlaran”

On June 9th our Consul General of Sydney the Hon. Anne Jalando-on Louis led the flag raising and anthem ceremony outside Philippine House in Elizabeth Bay. It was the biggest crowd that has gathered in the Philippine House and filled the lawn of the consular residence for the event. Most were in National Attire, with their Filipiniana costumes and Barong Tagalog. The theme for this year was “Kalayaan 2013: Ambagan Tungo sa Malawakang Kaunlaran”. The celebration was attended by Filipino leaders from all over New South Wales, at the invitation of the Consul General and husband, Mr Gerard Joseph Louis. We gathered for a traditional Filipino breakfast after the ceremony. It was a most gracious gesture for the Consul General to invite us to her own home.

Inside program start with Mrs Joan Angeles sang the national anthem followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Mrs Regina Queeni Perol. After the flag raising ceremony, Consul Marford Angeles welcomed everybody. He shared with the guests the message by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert F. del Rosario, who highlighted that the theme for this year’s 115th Anniversary of the Proclamation Philippine Independence, which calls upon Filipinos all over the world to join in the drive for the Philippines to attain economic development and social progress. In her talk, the Sydney Consul General used the message of her painting depicting ‘bayanihan’, which portrays a group of people sharing the community load. Following her theme, she highlighted that individuals or organisations give their time, talent and treasure to the extent that they could afford or bear.


Therefore, it is important to encourage or inspire those who try to do good for the community rather than be critical of them, and that we should be inclusive in our endeavours.


There was a clear reminder that, we need to be united, and that as leaders they have a duty to look after our Kababayan. This was a timely message in view of current events.



115th Years Celebration of the Declaration of Philippine Independence in Bathurst and Central West.

The Kalayaan 2013 Celebration Bathurst: (l-r) Alice Austen, Ediza Francisco, Rowena Turnbull,

Bel Rementilla, Mila Scicluna, Yours truly, Menchie March, Congen Anne J. Louis, Elsa Collado,

Espie Pogson, Lily, Darrell & Sevilla Swadling & Millie Bannan



PCC-NSW Philippines National Day Ball

A contingent from the bush once again made the long trek to Sydney to celebrate our National Day, after a more modest flag raising event in Bathurst. The Philippine National Day Ball is an annual activity of PCC-NSW to pay tribute to the heroes of the Philippine revolution who risked their lives for freedom and democracy. The theme for this year was “Kapit Bisig sa Matuwid na Daan” (linking arms in the right direction).

After hearing alarms and seeing security officers and sniffer dogs we were all prepared for a bomb scare and evacuation, but the lively group at our table were surprised to see Prime Minister Julia Gillard and NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell arrive, emphasising what a political hotspot Western Sydney is. The presence of the Prime Minister at the gala celebration was unanticipated by most of us. She was warmly welcomed by the more than 400 guests including government officials from both Australia and the Philippines and posed for photographs with select members of our community. This is the first time a Prime Minister attended this National Day event.


The formal highlights of the event were the Ceremonial Toast to the President of the Republic of the Philippines and to the Filipino people by the guest of honour, Prime Minister Gillard and the Rigodon de Honour dance participated in by community leaders and choreographed by Novy Bereber. Consul General Anne Jalando-on Louis, representing the Republic of the Philippines, also proposed a toast to the Queen and to the people of Australia.



Philippine House in Elizabeth Bay celebrating the Kalayaan 2013 with the Consular staff and Filipino community leaders.


Attending the Kalayaan 2013 celebration at the Philippine House Elizabeth bay

are Vic Avila, Nenita Weekes, Ellis David Meacham and Evelyn Zaragoza.


Attending the PCC-NSW Philippine National Ball at Rosehill Garden function center

(l-r) Claire T, Rowena T, Rosalie T, Congen Anne and Mr Gerard Louis, Nenita Weekes,

Carmelita Nordvie, Dennis & Ediza F, and Mila Scicluna.

Good food and good company provided the best experience as we were able to meet up with our metropolitan cousins and have a good yarn. The Sydney Sonata Singers conducted by Loy Tagudin sang the Philippine and Australian national anthems and Tyrone Andres representing the Filipino youth gave the invocation before the program. Entertainment was provided by international artist David Pomeranz, Sydney-based Filipino-Australian artists Louie George, Ani Luzung and Meera Belle and a dance performance by The Philippine Dance Ensemble. Compere Rod Dingle ably attended to the formalities and ensured the proceedings were in order. However, the highlight was the dance session led by the excellent Sonny Soriano and the Inner Games Band. I cannot help think that this event would be better served by showcasing the fantastic young Filipino talent emerging in Sydney. Next time give the kids a go I say!

Three lucky raffle and door prize winners walked away with round-trip Philippine Airlines tickets from Sydney to Manila donated by Philippine Airlines, Travel Access and Zignal Travel. Major event sponsors were MoneyGram and MegaWorld. And indeed “A night to remember".


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