ARAW NG KAGITINGAN (April 9) ; ANZAC DAY (1915-2015)


The month of April has been a hectic month for ex-soldiers or ex-diggers and the general population of our two countries

On April 9, Bataan Day was commemorated by our countrymen with street parades. Our country is a proud race, with ex-sol­diers ,families and friends still able to muse about the good old days. We still have surviving soldiers and families who can recall the Bataan Death March.


I have received a script of a story of an ex mis­sionary in our country Fr. Gerard Spratt and how he spent some of his produc­tive years in their Baclaran church. Such a family ac­count of a sacrifice by foreign missionaries dur­ing the early days of our Freedom being enjoyed warmed my heart. I re­member my father who was a soldier who saw ac­tion in the mountains of Il­ocandia and Cordillera. As a veteran who sacrificed his young life when the Japanese Army still was causing grief to the men and women in the region, he had so many stories to tell. So Bataan Day will always stand for the great sacrifices by Filipino sol­diers and allies who fought for the Philippines against harsh regime.


In Australia this year, we celebrated the 100th An­niversary of the Gallipoli landing in far away Turkey peninsula. Thousands of Australian and New Zea­land soldiers or diggers died in that war. Thousands came home , scarred for life, into the loving arms of their families. Yearly, we commemorate this Anzac Day and honour the mem­ories of the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice. To those who went to the parade and Dawn Service, it was to honour and pay homage to their memory. As for us , we attended the Gosford Parade and watched the re-enactment of the First Anzac Day a century ago.




In my capacity as a direc­tor of the Philippine Com­munity Council, allow me to relate to you a few pro­jects that we have already tackled this year. Since the new Board under the able leadership of Ms Evelyn Beed took over the mantle of responsibility, we can now say with pride and hu­mility some of the tasks we have done so far.


The tragic SAF–AFP Fallen 44 whose encounter with MILF (Jan.25.2015) ended in their massacre, have been honoured and remembered on Febru­ary 7, 2015 at the Seven Hills Catholic Church. Ambassador Belen Anota and Consul General Anne Jalando-on Louis repre­sented the Philippine gov­ernment and have led the mourners on that evening at a Memorial Mass of­ficiated by Father Florito Apalas, Parish Priest of Santa Monica Parish in Richmond. Among the 44 policemen, 13 were from the Cordillera. Pres. Eve­lyn Beed in her address to the congregation expressed her profound sadness that so many young lives have been lost at that Mama­pasano encounter with the local MILF. Ambassador Anota, reminded us to exercise restraint in con­demning the “perpetrators” as there will be full investi­gation by the government.


The evening was high­lighted by the lighting of 44 candles by ordinary members of the public. The choir and local parish­ioners were kind enough to share their evening with a church full of mourners.


The PCC-NSW coordi­nated this event and we thank ex officers of the PCC-NSW, Affiliates and present board with families and friends, the local media and some local politicians who came to hear mass and shared in the fellowship.




The 2015 Annual Gen­eral Meeting was realized on March 14, 2015. The new set of officers is led by Evelyn Beed-President; Alric Bulseco – VP Exter­nal; Bobby Lastica - VP Internal; Darrell Swadling – Secretary; Noel Ber­nardo – Treasurer; Alex del Prado- Auditor; Jade Cadelina - PRO; Directors: Cesar Bartolome, Mercy Jones, Emily Rudd, Penny Perfecto, Ethel Singzon, Lillian de los Reyes and Joseph Laquian. Serna Ladia is Internal Auditor and ;Jose Relunia Jr.- IPP. At the March AGM, the Finance Report by then outgoing treasurer was voted to be adjourned to be set at a later date as an “Unfinished Business” with the Chairman of the Election Ray Manoto ask­ing for discussion/com­ments from the body. The body being the affiliates present voted to have this “Unfinished Business” to be followed up by External Auditor Leo Ceniza and the Board and meet as soon as possible

The reconvening of the AGM happened on May 2, passing the “Unfinished Business” being the 2014 Finance Report.


The Ugnayan happened after the happy salosalo. The presentation of the 10 PCC NSW Committees happened after which the Board reminded us to open the membership to the af­filiates. An Ugnayan will be scheduled in the near future.


The 117TH PHILIPPINE NATIONAL DAY BALL “Wisdom of our History Guide to our Destiny” (Theme)


Preparations have start­ed, committees have been formed and the various as­signments are now being meticulously attended by all concerned. Pres. Evelyn Beed has professed her be­lief in the integrity of each one of us on the Board and has offered her own experiences as community volunteer of one of the big­ger group affiliates, the Cor­dillerans in her leadership. Like the Ilocanos, Visayan, Mindanawenos, Tagalogs, Pangasinenses, Boholanos, Bicolanos among others, the integrity of any group is of­ten questioned by the media, personal differences or just plain apathy. Know Thyself that is slogan that would bring out the best in people. What you do not have, you can’t give. Respect for one another is of prime impor­tance for example. Aware­ness of our cultural back­ground and values we adhere to, are essential in succeed­ing as a voluntary organiza­tion.


So, we are trying our best to create another night to re­member. Together , we can do this, as we have done in the past. We are going to show the world, that we are ready to make our Mother­land proud, by fostering a bayanihan spirit, sharing in the fun and laughter and not forgetting to feel a gratitude of the contributions of our national heroes in achiev­ing our Independence, our freedom from oppression and tyranny of war and terror.


The night will be June 12, 2015, at the Rosehill Grand Pavilion, Rosehill from 6:30 pm. Mabuhay.


A LETTER FROM THE OLGR (Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing)


A letter dated 11th May 2015 has been received by Pres. Evelyn Beed from a compliance officer of the OLGR about a Com­plaint by a member of the public which states, “Be advised that pursuant to section 26 of the Charita­ble Fundraising Act 1991, the Minister may enquire into any person or organi­sation that is, or the Min­ister has reason to believe or has conducted, or is participating or has par­ticipated in a fundraising appeal and the Minister may cause the enquiry to be made by an authorised inspector.”


From us on the Board, we are endeavouring to submit all necessary doc­uments they need and try to meet the deadline of 25 May 2015. We assure you dear members and friends that we take this letter se­riously and will write to you as soon as possible of the outcome of this complaint. We vigorously state , that the PADER is in good health and that truth will prevail.


Mabuhay ang Pilipino, masipag, mapagpakum­baba at nagmamalasakit sa kapwa tao!


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