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On the Central Coast there are several religious groups who follow the Rosary Crusade in honour of our Lady of Fatima. At the Star of the Sea in Terrigal, we have a permanent timetable for the Rosary. We also have 2 groups to my knowledge who follow the trail of the Blessed Virgin being received by different host families.

I have had the pleasure of receiving Mother Mary at our old residence in Wamberal and which continued on to Forresters Beach. I always felt like old times when we were growing up in Tagudin. I grew up living my Catholic Faith following my mother, Lolas and spinster aunties and numerous cousins to our block Rosary nights. I would always be “napping” in the corner of the room, but still went with the group to visit houses. It was a great upbringing, one that would reflect on my future life.

The recitation of the Holy Rosary is a phenomenon happening in our homes and up to now, the Rosary has become a sort of protection for us when we travel as it occupies our bags or pockets.

In Wyoming Church, they celebrated the Feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary with the multicultural groups including our Filipino congregation on the first week of October. It was a joyful occasion attended by young and old , under the ministry of Fr. Andrew.

Two groups of pilgrims went to Berrima and to Penrose, respectively to pay homage to our Lady’s Feast day on Oct. 13. Fr. Vlad was on hand to visit with Berrima devotees , while our pilgrims who went to Penrose was headed by our Dr. Lydia Camus. Meanwhile , the Catholic Community of St Patrick’s Gosford attended the 2nd Sunday Tagalog Mass, celebrated by Fr. Bert Ochoa. There was a robust sharing at our fellowship.






The Philippine-Australian Sports & Culture, Inc, (PASCI) has just held their 25th FIESTA KULTURA at Fairfield Showground. President Manny Castillo and his Board adapted the Fiesta theme “Nurturing the Bayanihan Spirit”, as was expressed by our Consul-General Anne Jalando-on Louis in her Philippine Independence address last June 12, 2013 at Philippine House.

I would like to reiterate that I see a lot of our countrymen involved in “bayanihan” and this cultural value speaks so much about us Filipinos. It shows that when we welcome a new family within our midst or while living in the same community, and someone needs our help or assistance. I am sure the PASCI officers and affiliates will go on as community leaders as per their goals and vision.

Thank you for the early years when our own four girls were performers through the local groups we used to belong in Western Sydney. I must admit we have been the classic “stage” parents, driving the girls to different venues for rehearsals or performances. We used to watch the different shows and then again stayed for the Pageant. Things have remained basically the same procedure only the pageant participants have doubled. Definitely , proceeds and the fund raising have increased and more needy recipients benefit from the contributions. Not bad.

Meanwhile , the ILOCANO ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA, joined the Art and Craft section of the Fiesta Kultura , with President Alex del Prado and the ladies in demonstrating his special skill in Parol making! Espie Pogson , Peter and I did the Sipa demonstration , while Andrea, Millie Banan, Lily Ines and Elsa Collado helped in the Parol demonstration and the children colouring in. It was great to see all the spectators and visitors dropping by commenting on the Parol . Ambassador Belen Anota and Con-Gen Anne Jalando’on Louis dropped by and the mandatory photo session ensued. Naimbag ken naragsak nga aldaw kadakayo amin Apo! Napigsa ti “bayanihan” dagiti nagaget nga Ilocano.

Peter and I had the pleasure of assisting my brother Rod as Sydney played host to Gabby Concepcion. He was the official performer who came to help launch the new WESTERN UNION service D2B, offered to its worldwide customers.


Next time you will send some money home go WESTERN UNION and use their DIRECT TO BANK transaction. Salamat , WESTERN UNION.

The 3rd WOW BLACKTOWN Multicultural Fair also happened on the following day and again GABBY CONCEPCION was the Special Guest. Ms RAQUEL PELLERO, President of AUSTRALIAN-FILIPINO BUSINESS & WORKERS CLUB INC. (AFBWCI), watching from the sideline, was grinning happily and beside herself with the success of the day. Highlights of the afternoon was the Little Mr and Little Miss Pageant.

Congratulations Rod Dingle for successful two days promoting WESTERN UNION and overseeing that the show was entertaining and fun. Hanggang sa muli.

MASAYANG KAARAWAN SA OKTUBRE: Congratulations to October celebrants Niq Demagante, Ariel Demagante, Sonny Palibino, Rod Dingle, Jason Shilliday ( Northern Ireland) , Peter Rudd, Roland Blancaflor, Ian Taylor, Tess Stephens . Ingat po. Be proud being a Filipino. Mabuhay!





Birthday Bash in Central Coast hosted by Mr. & Mrs Palibino’s family.





Central Coast Bus Trip at Berrima... by Vida


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