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The wonderful world of Cricket - the game the world knows so well.


Cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world - the most popular sport and largest in Asia. It has been played in the Philippines since the 1960,s and is played almost entirely by the expats of the Cricket playing nations. There were only two active clubs as of the year 2000 and has only 45 senior players in 2003. The Philippine Cricket Team has been an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council since 2003.


The game of Cricket in the Philippines is synonymous with the Nomads Sports Club in Manila where the game has been played since 1914. The Philippines won favour by the touring teams who always welcome other Cricket Clubs who wish to widen theri horizons. And plus the country Philippines has something much to offer - its tourist attractions, the hospitality of its people, among others. The Association organises an International Six a Side Tournament each year which has quickly become one of the most popular Sixes Tournament in Asia. The Cricket season runs from October till early June each year. Currently, there are 12 active clubs who participate in the national league and a number of other teams whose activities are confined to social Cricket in a Six a Side Tournaments. The game is also played outside Manila - that is in the places like Cebu, Baguio and Angeles City.


The Philippine Cricket League (PCL) is the Senior Men’s competition. It was established in 2008 and is being played in the T20 format. It is split into two divisions with the top two clubs in each division contesting their respective finals. There is a plan to for the establishment for the over 50 League. The primary focus of the Association is the development of the Junior Program particularly in the Indigenous schools. in 2012, a new Junior School’s Program involving Coaching and Competition was launched in 6 locally state schools in Manila and there are already 3,000 local Indigenous children who are involved in this program. The Association is aiming for 10,000 children.


The Philippine Cricket Association had signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippines Special Olympic Movement in 2013 to develop the Cricket. the Association Development Officers are conducting Coaching Clinics each week for up to 100 Special Olympics Athletes.


The first Philippine Cricket Team had participated in the East Asia Pacific Division in Samoa - 2011; Hongkong in 2013 and in Australia this year. Yes, it was a great opportunity for us who are in Australia to watch the live games with all gusto. This year was the Pepsi International Cricket Council East Asia Pacific men’s Trophy to which Australia became the Host country. What is more exciting was that it was right here in Lismore Area. Wow, what a bonus that we do not have to travel that far - it is right here in our doorstep. The Philippine Cricket Team is a great team. They are friendly and we had a lovely time interacting with them, cheering for them and that was a great fun for all of us who were there as support to this wonderful Team. All their best, they did and they went in through the Semi-Final which was great. They played so well. The spirit was so strong, and the unity that they have. Though they were not able to get the Trophy as Champions, in our hearts, they are the Champions. It is how you play the game, showing sport manship. Defeated in the game but not in their Spirit. There are still lots of opportunities to become champions. They played under the heat of Australian Summer. Still, they could smile and had enjoyed. Had seen them shopping in Lismore, had a chat and hope to see them again next time - just do not know when.


That was a great opportunity of a lifetime - watching Cricket for Free


Thank you for all who supported the Philippine Cricket Team while they were here in Australia - foods, drinks and the most important thing is your presence, cheering while The Philippine Cricket Team was playing their games.


To The Philippine Cricket Team (Officers, Members and Supporters) we, the members of The Filipino Australian Community in Lismore and surrounds, are wishing you all the best. in the years ahead. And we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. God bless and all the best.


To those who may want to support (they need financial support)


The Philippine Cricket Team

Email cricketphilippines@

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