From Lismore by Luz Besanes Press  2015 Lismore Lantern Parade

From Lismore by Luz Besanes Press 2015 Lismore Lantern Parade

The world has its best to offer as always. Things that people may enjoy, watch or participate in. And here comes the Lismore Lantern Parade - one of a kind.
It has started with a humble beginning in year 1994 at Orion Street and now became the big spectacular event.. Its aim is to build a stronger community ties among the people in our community and to showcase their creative talents. Such event is held on yearly and falls on the longest night of the year which is also known as “Winter Solstice”. This year marks its 21st anniversary. Hep, Hep Hurray!!!!!!! It attracts 30,000 people more or less each year. Yes, people from all walks of life, babies, toddlers, children, young people, young at heart, name it. Wow! Truly, Lismore has something so good to offer. I am glad I live here.
This year’s theme is “Love a Parade - Festivals of the World”. Each lantern creates an artwork with the lights inside. Each has its own stories to tell - stories that are interesting and exciting. Preparations take many weeks and months to satisfy the eyes of the visitors both local, national and even international. The festivities include music, carnival dancers, parade, bands, street theatre, illuminated puppets, fire art and pyrotechnics, among others. And one of the most important are foods to satisfy the hungry tummies. Yes, array of foods to choose from in the cold Winter night - so yummy!
The Parade took place in the heart of Lismore Central Business District at 6:00 in the evening. Buckets were going around too and collecting donations from people/spectators. Then, it went to its final destination - at the Oakes Oval and then came the fiery finale - the fireworks. Year after year, it is always a spectacular sight enjoyed by everyone. The whole event I am referring to.
From where we were, sitting in the grandstand (centre part), I think it was the right spot for us, which is the centre of everything. Wherever the spot that people chose is right for them. The most important I think was that everyone felt happy being together with their families, relatives and friends.
Looking forward to the next year special event - The 2016 Lismore Lantern Parade, 25 June. Now, everybody has still a time to prepare. Bring your family, friends and visitors and together, we will all enjoy an event of a lifetime. Together, we will lift up Lismore.
Our grateful thanks to Jylie and the Team (The Lismore Lantern Parade and Light Up Inc.), Lismore City Council, Businesses, Supporters and all the people who got involved.
See you next year!
Lismore Lantern Parade and Light up Inc
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