Uz with her son, Benjamin B. Press enjoying the 'Floriade' Uz with her son, Benjamin B. Press enjoying the 'Floriade'

Magnificent Canberra’s Floriade 2012

Luz Besanes Press


Magnificent Canberra’s
Floriade 2012

Beautiful flowers that are in full bloom, truly add colours to our wonderful world.

The Magnificent Canberra’s Floriade is the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere.  It started in 1988 as a one off celebration of Canberra’s 75th birthday and Australian bicentenary of European Settlement which then become popular and it has been running on every year since then.

The spectacular tulips of different varieties, bulbs and many other flowers are being cultivated and spread over four hectares of land in the Commonwealth Park.  Each year, it is being visited and viewed by more or less 300,000 local and international visitors.  Floriade is Australia’s celebration of Spring.  The theme for 2012 is “Style and Design”.  The place becomes alive with the spectacular colours, entertainment and exciting displays of different bulbs.  It also showcase different foods, cultural celebrations, artistic displays and some recreational activities both for children and adults.  The celebration goes on for a month from September till October.  There are many other exciting things for visitors to enjoy.

My son Benjamin and myself had an opportunity to witness for ourselves the exciting things about the Floriade.  From Sydney, we took the Coach and we travelled for three hours.  It was great fun.  When we arrived in Canberra, we saw that flowers were in full bloom and its beauty and smell gave excitement to our eyes and noses.  Everywhere we looked was spectacular.  Red, yellow, purple, blue, orange and many other colours.  My!  It looked like a rainbow.  It was very colourful.

People were friendly and those assisting the visitors were all smiles in helping the tourists.  We had enjoyed the foods at the Italian Restaurant located under the big tent.  It was an exciting experience for us being the first timers.  Wow!  We treasured those lovely memories.

After the Floriade, volunteers are offered some of the plants and some flowers are cut and being distributed to the local Nursing Homes and Hospitals.  The flower beds are then reduced to ground level leaving the ground in excellent condition for the next year’s event.  The Commonwealth Park then returns to its former glory as the favourite spot for Summer fun.

I encouraged others to visit the Canberra’s Floriade, bring your family and friends and together enjoy nature at its best.  It is heaven.

Thanks to all who did the hard work.  Keep it up!


Caption: Luz with her son, Benjamin B. Press enjoying the ‘Floriade’.


Friendship is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.


I think no human being could ever survive without a friend.  Even animals need somebody to share their lives with.  How much more we as humans who have greater emotions, greater needs to love and to be loved.

Friendship knows no barrier nor bounds.  It is a special relationship of both people who share their joys and sorrows.  Healthy relationship such as friendship is at its best when it is based in honesty, loyalty and unconditional love.  Knowing that we have the best of friends does not mean that they are perfect or we are perfect.  I think it is providing each other with emotional, physical and spiritual support in any way we can.  Being there when needed is truly amazing in great friendship.  True friends accept us for who we are.  We can share anything, say anything without fear of being judged or condemned.  In other words, we feel safe and at ease every time not only at selected times, but all the time.

Friendship needs nurturing to make it grow.  Good friendship makes one feel valued and respected.  And it contributes the positive influence in ones life.  It is about caring, listening, sharing and respecting each others differences.

What an opportunity celebrating the 86th birthday of our friend Allan Heinz last 05 November in Ballina.  Together with other friends, we brought birthday cake and other foods and enjoyed the laughter to some funny jokes.  We really had a lovely time reconnecting with each other.  Seeing a friend so happy was a very good feeling.  To live such a good age is I think wonderful.

True friends are real gems worth more than rubies, diamonds and other precious stones.  Let us value our friendship with each other as we may not know when our Creator would call us back to be with Him.

Life is too short.  Let us cherish every moment in our lives together with the special people whom we call friends.




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